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A Colorful and Exciting Source of Wholesale Goodies

By Stephen Bucaro
Posted Friday, December 24, 2004

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If you could find a wholesale source for products that are colorful, exciting, and spark your imagination - would you start your Web business today? Well, think up a domain name because I've found it for you! Not only will I share this source with you, but I'll provide you with some business ideas to go along with it.

Maybe you've heard of the Oriental Trading Company. Go to ( and request a free copy of their catalog. You'll receive almost 200 pages of the most colorful and exciting goodies you can imagine. I have no affiliation with this company. I wish that I could sell these products on my web site, but they are WAY out of the topic area of my site.

In the catalog and on the Oriental Trading Company web site you'll find small toys and games, crafts and activities, party supplies, novelty jewelry, stationery supplies and much more.

Some example prices are: plush stuffed toy unicorns - $12.95 per dozen. Picture stampers - $9.95 per 50 pieces. Fanny Packs - $14.95 per dozen. Wooden animal puzzles - $4.95 per dozen. Colorful canvas tote bags - $14.95 per dozen. And many more.

Some Business Ideas:

- Create an online 99 cents store. Select specific items or groups of items and sell them for 99 cents. If you can make your Web site as colorful as Oriental Trading Company's catalog, people will be ordering bucket loads of this stuff from you.

- Use these items as prizes for online games, quizzes, or contests. This type of web site would profit from substantial traffic for advertising sales. Not just sales generated by the web site, but also by your newsletter that everyone would want to subscribe to in order to learn about new games, quizzes, or contests.

- Specialize in a specific type of product. For example, stickers, tattoos, stretchy vinyl animals, or inspirational goodies.

- Oriental Trading Company has an affiliate program that pays 5% commission on every sale you make. Use their online order form to order from your catalog. All you have to do is promote.

If this sounds like the type of Web business you would be interested in, get a free copy of Oriental Trading Company's catalog. Their catalog is a real treat for the eyes, and an inspiration for the mind. Now, let's see - what kind of domain name could you use for a nature site that sells stretchy vinyl animals?

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