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Act Now

By Irena Whitfield
Posted Wednesday, December 1, 2004

The Internet overflows with sites containing opportunities, software, books, newsletters, ezines, guides, courses, affiliate programmes, reseller programmes, advice, recommendations, tips, secrets, ads, banners - information in short. And that's it. INFORMATION.

The newcomer is all amazed with all the information he gets wherever he turns. And on top of all of it, he gets hundreds of emails, all promising millions and paradise at once, in three days, in a month at the latest. It's sufficient if you ONLY send a blank email, read this book, buy this book, download this, give away this and that, accept this course, join this FREE and join that only for $10 here and $20 dollars there and it's guaranteed.

All us uf know this. Overwhelmed. Amazed. Surprised. All keen on working, on making money, on learning. So everyone joins all he can, jumping from one opportunity to another, trying to manage all at once, placing ads, copying, offering, sending out emails, not reading, not learning, not doing anything properly. Simply because he can't manage, he doesn't know how.

And then it comes: nothing works, no sale, no proper response - disappointment, disillusion. All it is hype, scam and spam. But it is not.

Most of the information is precious and really working. The most precious pieces are all here, no secrets at all, just at your hands.

The only wrong thing is the attitude - trying to manage all at once. Don't. Take it step by step at the pace comfortable for you. One item at a time. And forget all the rest. If you download 5 books one day, don't download more until you properly read and study the five you have. And don't stop there. Think about what the books have given you, how you can make use of what you've learnt. Grow.

Do it right from the very beginning:

1. Set YOUR goals, concentrate on a long-term path
2. Develop YOUR system
3. Focus on YOUR Business, forget everything else
4. Learn, read, study
5. ACT

Don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed, exhausted, annoyed, disappointed, discouraged. Learn something new every day, do something valuable for YOUR business every day. Every day you must feel your progress, you must feel satisfaction, enthusiasm, optimism when you finish your day. You must be looking forward to your next business day. You must be all impatient to go on, full of plans, full of acts.

You will not succeed tomorrow, not even in a month, don't get disillusioned if you don't succeed in three months. There's no cause to get alarmed if you know that what you do is right, that you are on the right track. And you're moving forward, making progress. Just persevere. You will succeed. I am sure you will. I can guarantee it. I know it.

Every night take a piece of paper and put down all the items you should do and want to do the next day. And do it. And check whether you accomplished all you planned and how, or why you didn't. And improve. Once you adopt your system, you will not feel tired, the work will be easy. It will cease to be work, it will become a passion, a source of joy, happiness. You will be surprised at the results you will be getting in a short time.

The crucial point is to work, to act. To ACT Now. Decide what is good for you and your business, and your visitors and customers, what more you can offer. And do it. And do it at once. The offline world is very slow but the Internet is moving fast. It's useless to postpone what you decide to do. You lose so much with everything you don't do.

Do you know why only 1% of the people on the Net succeed? Because they don't ACT. Be different. Develop your working system, stick to your goals, research, learn and ACT. Now.... No Excuses. NOW.

About the Author
Irena Whitfield is the webmistress of ( - Internet Business Consultants for 3rd Millennium helping people to succeed in their online business even on a limited budget. Get her book '7 Stars of Online Success', Join her FREE Affiliate Programme And Start to Do Business the Profitable Way. YOUR Time Is Now: (


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