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An answer to an often asked question

By Silke Stahl
Posted Friday, December 10, 2004

We had a question at one of the forums a while back "So is anybody actually in a good Successful Business?"

It received many replies. Here is mineā€¦

The best answer is and open honest answer.

I now work at home fulltime from my own domain, having been in Network Marketing offline for years before coming online. Also my business is a real business, not a part time scheme - I was running my own business not doing a JOB before I came into this.

A lot of my group were my employees who wanted a better life so I introduced them to NWM/MLM (just a name don't fuss over it) so they could become partner not employees. We call what we do HLE.

We now lead with one affiliate program at a time - the one we use at this time is the best prog on the Net with 8 million affiliates. We focus our efforts to sales and recruiting in one prog with multiple income streams - like focussing a floodlight of info and effort into a laser beam.

Our lead program is free to join and run - no-one makes money from memberships, everyone has to support their downline as all the money comes from commissions from sales.

It has multiple income streams, and covers everything from cleaning to ebooks to wellness to telecoms - it even sells dog vitamins.

But all from one store. It also leads by offering a free pack and backending with a free trial of the opportunity.

We also work some support progs selling ebooks and PTRs.

We also have our own private newsletter and the best articles are published on the News page of the site.

We also have our own forum.

We use a variety of marketing tools and methods, and test and promote the best performing programs. These are also available from a page at our site. We also have our own Safelist.

All I simply do is tell people about myself and then they can go to my site and click through to the program, and try it for free. They can return anytime to signup for the marketing programs. Some use PTR to get some extra money if they want to do the upgrades. Some use PTR to advertise.

One more distributor or affiliate doesn't make a real difference to me. But a future leader who will go on to lead and mentor others will benefit not only themself but my whole group.

What we do is recruit people who want to do what we have done - who want to work towards the goal of working at home, running their own home business.

To quote a line from The Matrix: "all I offer is the truth nothing more" What you do with it is up to you.

About the Author
Silke Stahl is an International Internet Marketer and Home Business Entrepreneur. Visit her website at: ( and her forum at: ( Her own Safelist can be found here: (


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