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An Internet Philosophy

By Chris Raynor
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2004

10 pithy paragraphs

People come to the internet for a variety of reasons - to find knowledge, people, answers, have fun, to make money. There are now so many sites out there, that you have to concentrate on the unique thing that makes you different from everyone else. Your personality. Use it. Let it shine. Make people laugh, feel and THINK about what you're saying. Stand out from the crowd.

Nobody else can guarantee your success. It all depends on how much patience, perseverance, determination, focus, honesty and integrity you have. Plus a good mentor. There's no need to re-invent the wheel. Most people will help if you ask. And if your immediate upline doesn't have what it takes, then go higher. If you are willing to put in the effort, a good mentor will guide that effort.

The internet is about links: to other sites, and to other people. It's about growing, developing; not stagnating. It's about networks and relationships. You can't be an island on the internet.

Work towards a better future. Give, not take. Personalised numberplates were sooo 80s. Hogging domain names sooo 90s. Let's make the noughties a time of sharing. Down with secrets. Success should be based on effort, not because you know something useful but won't share it. I think I would have liked the 60s. I know I like 70s music.

You have to have a goal: a target audience. No-one can be everything to everyone. Pick who you want to talk to, and give them 100% of your effort. Put your heart into your work. If you picked the right business, you'll enjoy it.

Success is 90% psychology, 10% technique. Get the right attitude, and then the right strategy. Get your visitor in the right mood. Dream big, do your research, make a plan, set goals, and act upon them. Each morning set a daily goal, do it, and then pat yourself on your back. Believe you are a success already, and live like it.

Successful people are leaders who help build other leaders. Leaders don't give up when they face adversity. Leaders get the job done. Leaders don't happen overnight.

Go hard or go home. Work hard, play hard. Mediocrity is boring. And other cliches.

The internet is just a tool. Use it, don't abuse it. Starting a business online takes as much work as starting a business offline. Don't believe every email you get. There's a lot of hype out there in them thar bushes. (That was not a political statement).

Just Do It. You have to start one day. Most people know what to do, what's right. They just don't do it. You'll always feel there's something extra you need to get it all perfect. That's normal. But you have to start one day. Forge a path, start small, and help it grow. Go Jump. There's a net ready and waiting for you.

About the Author
Chris Raynor is the Sydney-based author of Home Business World ( For the Best Home Based Business Opportunities and Resources.


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