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Anti Spam Fanatics ARE RUINING YOUR Business!

By Laurie Rogers
Posted Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Many marketers online are seriously doubting that "Anti- Spam Fanatics" are ruining thier businesses. I have a bit of news for you, IF YOU currently hold that "mindset", it is time for a rude awakening! Not only are they killing newsletters and ezines with a variety of filtering software programs, they're also black listing domains, ISP's and web hosts.

Don't think so you say? Check out a few of these sites: ( or ( or this ( Better yet, go to a search engine type in "Spam Filters" you will be amazed at how many listings there are. Now what exactly do these sites do?

They collect Domain, Hosting and ISP information and BLACKLIST it. For instance, if a domain, ISP or hosting company has a lot of "spammers" as clients, they'll then put that company on a "Blacklist". So that ANY person (guilty or innocent) using that ISP, Domain or Web Host can NOT send any email what so ever to certain parties.

Now incase you didn't get that, I'll explain it in a simpler form. Let's say you own domain and you are trying to send an email to, BUT uses M.A.P.S ( to block out any "spammers" from reaching their clients. Now, let's say your Web Host had a few "spammers" on their servers at one point, guess what? You will NOT be able to send any email to!

Did everyone get that? Even if YOU are innocent, YOU are really GUILTY, because of some MORON'S idiocy! YOU are NOW going to pay the price for "anyone" who spammed from your ISP (the bigger they are, the more chance of that happening). Anyone who spammed from your Web Host. And if anyone owned before you did, you also get to "pay the piper" for their actions.

If you use a third party service to mail out your ezine or newsletter and their company is blacklisted, well guess what? Some people just won't be receiving it anymore! I actually found that out, when I used a well known third party ezine delivery service. And upon consulting them about this, I ended up cancelling my account due to the lack of company concern about the situation.

Thinking about registering that domain name? Or are you going to jump on some fantastic web hosting deal? Or are you contemplating switching ISP's for a better rate? Or considering using a Third Party Service for mailing out your ezine? Better think again and do your history on them all, because the Anti-Spam Fanatics ARE making business online a Living NIGHTMARE!

If you have been falsely accused of spamming or are now being blocked because of it, you CAN fight back! Go to: ( and file your complaint, as there is a pending lawsuit against "Anti-Spammers", ISP's and hosts that utilize these programs.

By Laurie Rogers Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

About the Author
Laurie Rogers is co-author of the Ezine Resource Guide, you can check it out at: ( She is the owner of Optin Frenzy a list building program for ezine publishers ( You can also obtain Laurie's articles at:


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