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Big Profits with Free Card Business Card Displays

By Rick Hendershot
Posted Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tired of bogus get-rich-quick schemes that promise the world but deliver next to nothing? Here is a REAL product offering a REAL service. And the profits are also very real if you are prepared to do a bit of work.

A few weeks ago Cesar Crespo of ( took advantage of our free website review service. Like most of us, Cesar wanted to get more traffic and figured he needed better Search Engine placement to get it. So he was wondering if I could recommend some changes that would "optimize" his pages. Needless to say, I was very
impressed with his product.

The Free Card concept is very simple. Free Card Associates create a network of 10, 20 or more displays placed in high traffic locations. They then offer local advertisers the opportunity to have free business cards distributed to interested consumers.

Free Card Limited is a relatively new company, with a very innovative product. As I have mentioned, the product is called the Free Card Business Card Display, and as far as we can tell, it the the first and only product of its kind anywhere.

Yes, that's right. Anywhere!

Free Card Business Card Displays hold specially designed full color business cards. Business cards are provided
free to advertisers as part of the advertising costs, and the business cards feature high impact special promotions.

Interested consumers browse the Free Card Business Card Display, and if they are interested in a specific product they simply press the appropriate button and a free business card is dispensed.

There are several advantage to consumers. These are generally local suppliers offering hard-to-find special deals on high-value products and services. And interested consumer can contact the advertiser immediately, or simply tuck the handy business card in their purse or wallet for future reference.

Profitable Business Opportunity
Even more interesting is the opportunity this product offers the enterprising entrepreneur looking for a high profit small business idea. The Free Card folks have been test marketing this product for a number of months now. For instance, they have a network of more than 50 fully subscribed displays in southern Spain. And they have been shipping units to countries around the world.

Real world results indicate that an enterprising individual or company can have a viable network of business card displays operational and turning a sizable profit within 90 days of launch.

Is that impressive?

You bet it is! In this era of a million get-rich-quick scams, Free Card Business Card Displays offer a legitimate alternative. It is a proven product providing a tangible service of real benefit to consumers.

For more information on Free Card Business Card Displays, see the new Free Card web site at (

About the Author
Rick Hendershot is based in Conestogo, Ontario, Canada. He spent many years as an advertising consultant, and small business owner. He currently publishes several small business websites and ezines, and provides web
design and online marketing services to small business owners wanting to jump start their online marketing efforts. He can be reached at


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