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Building a Self Sustaining Traffic Dynamo

By Richard Wildman
Posted Friday, December 10, 2004

Get more hits on your site fast. In this article we give you another simple technique to get extra traffic. What are all web site owners thirsting for? That’s right, traffic. We can all do with more traffic.

If you follow through the steps in this articles, I can guarantee you a minimum of 250 extra visitors to your site, with the potential of thousands more.

Whats the big idea?

We are going to be making use of hit exchanges. A hit exchange rewards you with visitors to your web site for every visit you or someone referred by you makes to another of their members sites.

Most of the exchanges offer 2:1 exchange rates (every two sites you see, one other person will be shown yours) or 1:1 exchange rates (every one site you view, someone will be shown yours). Most exchanges offer you a number of free page views for signing up, varying from 0 to 1000.

The real power of the hit exchanges and where you can potentially get large amounts of extra traffic is through the multi level referal programmes that they have. You see, every time you introduce someone new to a hit exchange, first they give you a number of bonus views of your site (anything from 10 to 1000 extra credits) and then they give you a percentage of the hits earned by your referal, e.g. They may give you 0.1 of a page view credit for each of pages that the person you refered views. If they view 10 pages you get 1 view back. This may not sound that much, but this referal bonus is usually offered to up to 5 levels down, so you would get credit for any site viewed by anyone you refer, anyone they refer, anyone refered by your referal’s referers etc to 5 (or however many levels that exchange offers) levels down. A bit of a head ache to explain, but a lot of traffic potential.

Using one hit exchange you could get a fair amount of traffic, but why use just one when you can sign up to multiple hit exchanges. Before you sign up, you need a system in place to make best use of the traffic generated.

What to do

First you want to sign up to some of the traffic exchanges. I have listed some below, but there are plenty more. Contact me for a fuller list. Also, if you sign up to all of these you will receive free page views.

ClickSilo ( 50 hits for signing up

Click-Aholics (

Fast Freeway (

Traffic Flare ( Full promotion pack available

Hit Pulse ( 20 Hits hits for signing up

Ask Miky ( 100 hits for signing up after 100 earned

StartBlaze (

Hits all over ( 200) Hits

Traffic Swarm (

The System

The system is in two parts. What we are trying to do is to build a self sustaining traffic dynamo that will generate visitors to our site.

In order to make it self sustaining, we need to build a downline of people signing up, so we get some credit for the page views they are making.

The way we will do this is by using some of the hits we have been given to try and entice other people to join the hit exchange programmes under us.

When you sign up, have a look at the options the traffic exchange programme has and look for their promotional information. Most of them will give you banners and text links that you can use to promote them with, or a URL for their "sales" page.

When you set up your traffic exchanges, you are asked for a URL that will be the page that they direct your visitors to. For half of the traffic exchanges, point the URL to a page advertising one of the other hit exchanges. This could be a page you have built yourself, a page containing a collection of the hit exchanges banners (set up to use your sign up ID) or the URL of a hit exchanges sales page. The rest of the exchanges you can point to your own site.

Depending upon the terms and conditions of the hit exchange in questions, you may be able to add a pop-under to your site that advertises one of the exchanges. If you want a tool to help you build a series of pop-ups that change each successive visit, go to ( The final part of the system is a page rotator. This will cause one of the hit exchanges you have signed up with, to display a page whenever you start your web browser. This way you will keep some credits coming in and keep your traffic generation engine fuelled.

I have created a simple start page rotator that you can use, if you would like a copy of this, send me an email ( It will create a script for you that will cycle through your hit exchanges and let you earn credits whenever you start your browser.

About the Author
Richard is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer specialising in providing internet and database solutions. For hot new articles and tips for internet marketing, go to (


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