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Building an internet empire is easy!Get the map to the road of success

By Reema Rai
Posted Thursday, November 25, 2004

Tips on marketing which work

The simple reason why I wanted to write an article is this I had so much of genuine and useful information regarding marketing on the internet The first idea that striked to me was to write down all the information in the form of an ebook. But then suddenly I started laughing to myself with the thought that when there are millions of ebooks who will want to read my ebook for heavens sake. The sole intention of my writing this article is I felt may be I could just pass on the information what I have to a large number of people and the second is maybe purely the fact that I like helping others atleast in the way in which I can contribute. I have decided that I will be writing an article once every 4 days pass on some valuable information. As said by Bill gates goes "Internet is a gold mine provided you know where to dig it".According to my information 2% of the millionaires in America are from the internet .Good right. Maybe even you will become a millionaire one day and I will be more than happy in helping you become one.Now the first thing we have to bear in mind is that all that all these people did not become millionaires overnight.Even though they make it appear as though you have to just purchase this and that and and that "and" is never ending unless you put a stop to it.What I am trying to tell you is that you do not need hundreds of products to start making money you just need one good one.The first step in marketing is better always to select a programme where you have to make 3 or 4 referrals and then they help in building the website.

Why dont you consider visiting the site


The first impression when I came accross this is that first of all the fact that it requires only $2 investment.You wont find a better program to test your marketing skills and the one thing worth mentioning about the company is that they offer too good marketing materials just for $2.believe me its really worth it.Now what I want to do in my series of articles is offer genuine help on marketing not all those big big million dollar ideas which require lots of investment and finally end up with money ripped from our credit cards.Just simple genuine ideas which really work of course,you can be assured of that.

In my articles I will be first of all trying to show you all where you all might have gone wrong if you have already tried your skills in marketing.It doesn't mean that I won't be telling you all which is the right form of traffic,that matter I will covering in my upcoming articles.Now we will just assume the fact that you already have a site and you are trying to sell a product any product for that matter of fact.Are you not satisfied with the amount of traffic to your site?To increase the traffic first give up the ineffective form of advertising which you might have been using.The first ineffective methods are:

*SEARCH ENGINE: Surprised is it?This is may be just 1% effective.Stop trying to get the number 1 site listing in a search engine.Believe me you are wasting your time.I will show you how.The word Search Engine itself implies that it can only be used as a research tool and not a marketing tool.Still not conviced with what I saying is it? Then look at it this way Suppose you enter some keywords like may be "marketing ebooks" and guess what? You get the result as 2864 pages found.Now if you were in place of the customer would you have gone till the last page or maybe even second page.And if your site is not in the first 40 sites it is as good as non existent isn't it?I know I sound rude but all I am trying to help you all to stop wasting your time on search engines. Give up the idea of doing marketing on search engines and move on.Believe me in my upcoming articles I will be telling you all about simple marketing techniques which bring in huge traffic to your site.

*Free classified ads:Have you really thought that if all the promises that they made like your ad will be put on millions of websites and you will get huge traffic for free,be really true then why did paid advertising exist?The plain fact is classified ads just don't work. Instead one thing happens which you can be sure of is that if in the ad which you have placed you have mentioned your email id instead of recieving mails from people who are interested in your offer you might just recieve mails from people promoting thier product.In other

words you will be experiencing a spam? So what I sincerely advice that you must give up these 2 forms of advertising or may be if you are still not convinced just think by yourself have you really got the traffic you thought that you deserved thro the amount of hard work that you have put in in these two forms? As I end todays article I would just like to give you a thought.Call it may be the thought for the day.

OK we go.


I know it sounds really rude but this is a fact.Maybe a fact which we don't easily accept or may be never accept.I know what you will be thinking "I could have just given a nice thought where you just feel nice when you read it." You get a new enthusiasm,but what use is an enthusiasm which would be born on Monday and gone by Friday.I recieved the above thought in one of the free news letters which I recieve.When I read the thought the reality struck me.Believe me my friend success begins when you take full unmitigated, unequivocal RESPONSIBILITY for your life. It's not the 'nice' accountability that you have to take but the 'true' accountability.Do you know what is the difference between nice and true nice is the one where you hold yourself responsible for the good things in your life and blame others for the bad things.True accountability is the one where you know you are responsible for both good and bad in your life. You stop blaming lawyers (well, maybe lawyers), politicians, luck, the weather, etc.How many times do we hear from others how it's always someone else's fault? The minute you stop blaming others you move forward rather than being stagnated in one place.Your success always begins and ends with you.Internet has got the good as well as the bad side.Maybe you have seen a lot of bad side of the internet but it doesn't mean that you will never see the good side of it.Where I help you is that develop in you a undying passion for success and that will be my constant effort in my articles.Have you heard the quote "Knowledge is power".But I strongly believe that knowledge is a waste unless you make use of it to become whatever you want in life. So I hope you will make good use of the information which I am giving you all.

P.S:have you heard about Gary Shawkey and his book called as Gary Shawkeys Secrets.Why don't you just take a look at his website where he is selling the book for $29.95.Here is the link


It's not like I want to convince you all to purchase the ebook.I just want to give you all the ebook for free as I have already purchased it and own the reprint rights.I have read the book and liked it.Gary Shawkey has interviewed Brian Garvin $172,349 per year from affiliate programs.Brian Garvin is a super affiliate.And I can tell you that Gary has got the infomation very smartly from Brian Garvin in his interview.Ofcourse when you first read the book I got the feeling that even Brian was trying to promote his programs but later on what as I went further reading the book he has revealed it exactly how he has done it to the top.Like a blue print.Now what I feel is that when the authors of the book are still selling the ebook it would be wrong on my part to give away their ebook in my article.I hope you will understand what I am trying to tell you.

If you would like any additional information to be included in my next article like whether you want to know which are the best products which you can consider for selling or which are the best affiliate programs which you can think of joining email id provided below .And I will be more than happy to write my next article accordingly.Any suggestions from you are welcome by me.After all my sole intention is giving you all maximum information right?

I hope that you will kindly cooperate with me by sending a a blank email with YES in the subject line . Along with the access to the free ebook you will be also subscribing to my free news letter which will be again filled with marketing information and will be sent to you every alternate day.And you will be surprised to see that you are already on your way to building your internet empire.

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Good in writing articles.Try to give genuine information to people.


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