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CHILLED RUN - review and interview with Joan Bramsch

By Hope Clark
Posted Sunday, January 9, 2005

What an imagination! Joan Bramsch takes It's a Small World and develops it into an adult sci-fi story.

A small diverse group of highly intelligent and gifted individuals unite in a pilot program in a daring attempt to prove that nationalities can come together successfully for the common good. Adult and youths from several dozen ethnic backgrounds participate in establishing Mystic, a self-contained community intent on developing individual skills and talents to convince the world there is a better way than the status quo of nation against nation.

Miracles take place in Mystic. The inhabitants focus intently on the strengths of the individual using inherit talents. As a result over the years, medicine, telepathy, agriculture, engineering, ecology and other fields are expanded, mastered and applied for the great betterment of mankind.

Gradually, the community secretly plants its young gifted ambassadors throughout the world to gradually work their success in the weave of mankind to educate and improve globally as has been done already in Mystic. But as can be expected, adversaries exist in spite of the weighted advantages of Mystic's teachings. Such enemy still clings to personal wealth and power with little regard to the impact on brother man and mother earth. Thus, Chilled Run evolves as the prison of sorts for such deviants. And herein lies the conflict of the tale - basic good against evil.

The reader becomes caught up in the purity of Mystic and its leaders in aiding mankind. While almost too perfect, Joan Bramsch provides a realm where one can see the future and the enhanced possibilities of an almost Utopian existence. The reader can dare in this environment to hope for a future in which people are cherished for themselves and their talents, with everyone seeking a peaceful, fruitful and meaningful co-existence.

CHILLED RUN flows peacefully taking on a Camelot aurora. The tale is quite unique and easily absorbed. Download a copy of this e-read and wrap yourself in Joan Bramsch's Mystic world of beauty and strength.

An Interview with Joan Bramsch
by C. Hope Clark
HC: Joan, thank you for offering some of your precious time to WordWeaving for an interview. You are a busy lady! In reviewing your site and talking with you, I get the feeling you are a writer second to your role as a 'parent cheerleader.' Can you explain to our readers your motivation behind your online publication - The EMPOWERED PARENTING Ezine?

JB: Thanks, Hope, for inviting me for a visit. You've just said magic words about which I can talk for quite awhile.

The Empowered Parenting Ezine (EP) will soon be two years old and now serves 1000 Parents and other guardians of children worldwide. I expect the number to increase dramatically in the next six months and beyond, because I'm going to be doing big promotions.

When I first started this publication I thought I'd be sharing lessons on how to raise a child. I do have some 25 years' experience. Although I do continue to give tips and opinions, I soon discovered the real reason I felt driven to write EP - I am Parents' Cheerleader! In addition to encouraging Parents to be their best, I make sure they know I appreciate their effort and that I value them, right here, right now.

HC: Explain the International Parental Network to us.

The JB International Parenting Network is the culmination of a dream. It's my new web site -- ( -- and a natural extension of EP. Here, a visitor will find free Family-oriented articles about travel, party plans, collectibles, recipes for holidays and everydays, and Riddles for the Kiddles (my pet name for young children :)

There is also a collection of Joan's Positive Parenting Letters, the EP archive and fun contests for cash and prizes. The Halloween contest is up now -- ( -- and First Prize is $75!

HC: You have not always been a writer. I see remnants of a teacher, toy designer, salesperson, mentor, and fundraiser. What is your greatest strength?

Joan: My greatest strength is the ability to dream a dream, an abstract, and create concrete results even though it may not be easy and might take a very long time. How do I do that? Keeping all the above in mind, there is really only one rule: Never, never, never, ever give up!

I think every successful entrepreneur, and now 'netrepreneur' follows that rule.

HC: What is your greatest product thus far? Is it writing or one of your other endeavors?

Joan: My most important achievement by today's or any day's standard is this: I've been married all my adult life to the same man - my first and only true love, my Bill. A man of few words, he says that only one word defines the way to a successful marriage or any lasting relationship - Respect. I agree.

Together we raised five children - a son and four daughters, all brave, good and self-supporting adults now. That's achievement Number Two. They have given us seven brilliant grandchildren who are our pleasure.

After those Life achievements I would say writing TEACH ME, I'M YOURS: IF YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO BE SMART, YOU BE THE FIRST TEACHER! (TMIY) took more dedication and more determination than any other writing project to date. I recently revised, updated and enlarged this book, and it now contains 300 pages and over 200 tested exercises, games, songs and lessons. In January, 2001 I'll begin TMIY classes using streaming audio on my web site. To be able to use my teaching skills to share information with Parents is an honor and a privilege.

HC: You have many other educational ideas in the works. Can you explain some of them to us?

Joan: Regarding those other educational ideas? Do you have a couple days, Hope? ;) I'm so grateful for the Internet and its growing technology. This technological revolution enables me to communicate with Parents worldwide. It seems a miracle when I note EP goes to subscribers on every continent, to places I have only read about, to Parents who trust me and have become my friends. Because the web tools improve daily, I have new ways to reach out to families. I can read Positive stories to the children, sing Positive songs, provide pep talks for the Parents -- all by clicking on a little "PLAY" button. Amazing!

There will be a section on the Parenting Network to share positive essays, too. I also want to contact schools through their parent organizations.

HC: I just finished reading CHILLED RUN. It was quite a unique story - futuristic, sci-fi, a little romance, with an educational message on world peace and diversity. Tell us how this tale came to be and how will this book be available?

CHILLED RUN was a Gift of Hope. The entire story came to me in a dream. Starting that very morning, I wrote nonstop for 3 ½ weeks. (One does not ask the Muse to wait! :) The entire experience seemed meant to be; an important work to benefit Children.

Even the title is a conscious play on the word: CHILLED RUN is the name of the prison in a frozen desolate wasteland. After the manuscript was complete I knew the story should have music. A book published electronically - an Ebook - may contain music, graphics, even streaming video. But I had no love song. That night as I fell asleep I "requested" my melody. When I awoke the following morning, I promise you, I was humming the Mystic Lovesong. Lyrics were an unexpected plus.

Because I feel so strongly about CHILLED RUN fifty percent of my earnings on sales will go to the Crisis Nursery, a wondrous organization where out-of-control parents can bring their children until they can safely care for them again. Only God knows how many young lives have been saved with their help. CHILLED RUN can be purchased in several formats for US $7.95 at my web site: (

HC: You have aspirations to be a radio talk show host, a thought that would frighten many of us. Tell us your plans.

Joan: Yes, I'll have a radio talk show, but it will be a show with a twist - I'll broadcast on the Internet! It's true, Hope, I'll have my own radio station. A few years ago this was beyond belief. Amazing 21st Century technology. In the meantime, for the next six months at least, I'll be doing traditional radio talk shows across the nation, entertaining listeners with true stories about raising a large family from my ebook - YOU KIDS JUST WAIT TILL I GET OVER BEING PREGNANT... AM I GOING TO STRAIGHTEN YOU OUT!

HC: Back to writing, what are your immediate writing goals? And long term goals?

Joan: My immediate writing plan is to continue expanding my web site, The International Parenting Network, to better serve Parents. In addition I have a contemporary romance and a mainstream novel in the final editing stage.

Long term? For Families, I have six file drawers filled with completed work, partials and new ideas, stories and research. For adult readers there are four completed manuscripts and at least two dozen partials waiting for me. I figure ten years of steady work might put a dent in the inventory.

HC: Give us a typical writing day in the life of Joan Bramsch.

Joan: I awaken at 6 a.m., have an energy drink, then enjoy my 5-mile run. After showering and a cool down I meditate and do tai chi for one hour. Munching on fresh fruit and a whole grain muffin I begin outlining my day's writing which will last for at least four hours, but never more than twelve.

POP!!! Oops, there's that recurring dream again. Sorry. ;)

In actuality, family comes first and it is my honor to provide full-time care for my Bill, who has been dealing with serious health challenges for many years. Therefore, I write when I'm able - an hour, sometimes two hours at a time. Much of my serious writing is done late at night when the house is quiet and all my other jobs are complete for another day.

HC: And finally, give some advice to the struggling writers out there trying to earn a living at their passion.

A writer has to know where to find the work. Your newsletter informs writers about opportunities in the field. There are other newsletters that provide publishing needs. Then I can list three suggestions.

#1 - Be fearless. Send out your work. A thick skin is an absolute necessity if you would be a working writer because every word you submit is judged subjectively by another person.

#2 - Expect to be paid for your best work. Unless you gain something in a win-win barter, don't give your work away just to see your name in print. Neither sell it for two cents a click. Do you know how many clicks it takes to equal $25 and your first check? A lot!

#3 - If writing truly is your passion, you can repeat after me: I will never, never, never, ever give up!

Thanks, Hope, for this opportunity to visit with you and your readers. Please invite them to come visit me at (

Joan Bramsch
Publisher: Joan Bramsch & JB Information Station
ISBN 0-934334-04-8
Copyright © Joan Bramsch
E-Book Copyright © June 2000

About the Author
Clark is a book reviewer and columnist.


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