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Does Your Spouse Know What You Are Doing?

By Albin Dittli
Posted Monday, December 20, 2004

It can’t happen to you. You are immune to accidents and illness. Life will continue to go on just as it has been. However, the screeching of brakes could change that instantly.

You have a thriving Internet business going. Your empire includes several websites that you created, with several different products. You also belong to several affiliate programs, a good network marketing program that is giving you monthly residual income, and a bunch of safe lists and traffic programs. You also have a personal and a business PayPal account, several ClickBank accounts, and a StormPay account, each with a different username and password. Then there are your various email accounts and auto responders. You also have some great software on your computer, such as tour ezine editor and safe list submitter. And you probably have a bunch of things that I didn’t mention.

All this stuff is so much fun to keep track of. However, you are keeping good track of it. Aren’t you?

But are you the only one keeping track of it? Does your spouse have any idea of what you do on the Internet every day? If those screeching tires took you out of commission for a while could your spouse step in for you and keep your Internet Empire running?

If you can answer yes to these questions then pat yourself on the back, you are the exception. You plan ahead for the unexpected. You have set up a free insurance plan that will allow your Internet business to continue even if you can’t for a while. Congratulations. Good going.

How about the rest of you? Is this important to you?

In the off line business world there is “key man insurance”. This insurance is on an individual who is extremely important to the success of the business. It is fairly common in small to medium sized businesses where the founder knows more about the company then anyone else, and much of the knowledge is in his head.

I’ve never heard of “key man insurance” for a home-based Internet business. And even if it did exist, it would probably be very expensive. So you need to take steps to make sure that someone else knows, or can find, the information that you use on a daily basis.

In two previous articles I talked about organizing you’re marketing and getting it written down. Those articles were titled “Increase Your Income with an Organized Marketing Plan” and “Increase Your Income with an Organized Plan”. You can get a copy of them at ( They will give you some good ideas on how to record your Internet information so that someone else could read it and continue for you.

Since your still reading, I assume that you want to create a means whereby someone could continue for you if something were to happen to you. That desire is the first step.

Now spend some time deciding how to do it. Think about how and where you want to record it and what format you want to use. Once you have made these decisions, then start recording it.

It may take time to record all of what you do. Each time you do a new task, go to wherever you are recording the information and make an entry. Be sire to include program names, URLs, user names, and pass words. Include any other pertinent information. In time you should have a fairly complete record of you Internet empire and daily tasks.

Now that it is all recorded somewhere, show it to your spouse (or your children, parents, or who ever needs to know). Show them where to find it and how to access it.

Then go over it in detail with them. Show them the associated web sites. Have them sit down at the computer and do some of the things that you do. Most people learn better if they actually do something instead of just watching you. If possible have then spend a day or two with you doing what you do to keep you’re business going.

When you are done you will feel better, knowing that you have created some key man insurance. Your spouse will feel much more confidant and secure.

And now that your spouse understands your business better the two of you will be able to talk about your business. You might start get some good suggestions from your spouse. Your spouse might even start helping you in the business. And perhaps your relationship will even become stronger.

Perhaps these steps will never be needed. I hope so. However, life has a way of taking a different twist when we least expect it. It is best to prepare for such a twist before it happens.

About the Author
Albin Dittli has been writing software for the network marketing industry for 12 years and marketing on the Internet for over two years. Please visit his web site at ( You can subscribe to his free ezine, eBiz Marketing Tips, by sending an email to


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