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Earn A Six Figure Income the FREE & EASY WAY!

By Terah J. Logan
Posted Sunday, November 14, 2004

My favorite business opportunity hands down is Six Figure Income (SFI). This program has been around for many years and there is good reason for this. Clearly explained and realistic, if you give this business a chance to grow and you tend it like you would your most precious garden, a full time income with this business will, without doubt, happen.

SFI is free to join with free promotional banners, gateway sites, and printable flyers that you will have no problem getting leads from. You simply generate traffic to your site(s) and SFI does the rest. Even the most seasoned marketer leaves the recruiting and sales up to SFI. Why not? They do an awesome job and you can focus on one thing.... traffic. (Even the traffic they help with through free training, manuals, and if you are ambitious, you can buy into the co-op advertising; I myself do this.)

The system is so complete. I simply love working this program! Do what you love and the money just comes.... 100% true!

How does it work?

Like I mentioned you join for free and you take a fast start training program (takes about 10 minutes). You quickly learn the nuts and bolts of this proven money making system. The system clearly explains your goals and how you work up the ladder to success with SFI. First you become an affiliate, then Multi-Qualified, then you become a Power Team Leader. You will have no problem reaching these goals with the step-by-step help from SFI.

What is the product?

SFI markets alot of things! Internet Marketing products, books, ebooks, home business associations, cleaning products, pet products, plus the SFI business opportunity itself. Depending on the approach you want to take, each product has it's own gateway site, so there is still focus despite the diversity. You can target and market this opportunity to many niches.

Should you join?

If you are looking for a business that is complete with impressive affiliate support and is free to try why not give SFI a go? Visit (

Here's to your success!

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