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Earning Bidders' Trust with Your eBay Auctions

By Marjory Howes
Posted Thursday, December 9, 2004

8 ways to massively increase bidders trust in you as an eBay seller. Every auction seller could benefit from these tips!
Monday morning I caught part of an interview on the "Today Show" with an online auction fraud expert. I didn't catch her name, but she was giving tips on how buyers and sellers can protect themselves from auction fraud.

I was disappointed at the tone the interview took-- pointing out that auction fraud is on the rise and buyers must protect themselves from sellers who are out to take advantage of them.

We've all heard horror stories of fraud on eBay, so her warnings were legitimate. But as an auction seller, the whole segment left me feeling defensive.

In my opinion, this national broadcast scared many potential buyers away from online auctions. Our expert never mentioned Square Trade, or the Powersellers Program that requires a 98% positive feedback rating-- two of the most immediate signs that a seller is honest! She never brought up eBay's dispute resolution policy or ID Verify.

We auction sellers *MUST* constantly work to gain buyers' trust. Here are a few easy ways to do that:

*Powersellers: put the PowerSeller logo in your auctions, and explain that you've earned that title by giving excellent service and by keeping a 98% positive feedback rating.

*Not a PowerSeller yet? Consider joining Square Trade. Point out your stellar feedback rating and show buyers that they can trust you.

*Post your business phone number in your auctions so bidders can contact you with their concerns ahead of time. Lots of buyers want to know you are a real person and won't buy until they have had personal contact with you.

*Answer email questions as promptly as possible.

*Post customer testimonials in your auctions (get permission from the customer first)

*Show bidders that you are Paypal Verified.

*Accept money orders by mail. Many people are still hesitant to give their credit card info out online. Accommodate their concerns by accepting a money order.

*Offer to use an escrow service on expensive items. (c) 2002 Marjory Howes

About the Author
Marjory Howes is an eBay PowerSeller and author of "Turbo-Charge Your Auction Store: eBay Sellers' Guide to saving 90% on listing fees." Her e-Book and free e-Zine help eBay sellers boost profits and enjoy higher success in online auctions. Subscribe for free at (


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