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How To Find A Whole Lotta Product!

By Neil Bartlett
Posted Saturday, December 18, 2004

Whether you are a beginning auction seller or advanced, you are always faced with the age old auction question:

"What Do I Sell Now?"

I want to cover an area on eBay that most sellers tend to overlook or they don't even know exists. These categories can provide you with a great source of products to sell, they are called the Wholesale Lots categories.

Most major category groups contain a section labled Wholesale Lots, this is usually listed at the bottom of the group list.

If you go to eBay's main category listing page and drill down into a major category you will be able to see if that category has a Wholesale Lots sub-category. It is usually the last sub-category listed.

eBay Category Listing Page: (

Take Jewelry & Watches for example, their Wholesale Lots group is category 40131.

What does this have to do with product sources?

A lot of the sellers in these categories are people that have collections or large lots that they are to lazy to break up, or they want to just get rid of the whole lot at once, however, if you look at the pieces in the lot and calculate out what they could be valued at individually you can see the true worth compared to what they are being offered for.

So next time you are searching through a specific category, see if there is a related Wholesale Lots section and spend the time looking, you never know, you just might find a truck load of goods that will keep you in merchandise for a long time.

About the Author
Neil Bartlett is the author of How To Find The Perfect Money Making Auction Product. He developed the Perfect Product eBook to help both beginning and advanced auction sellers answer the age old question "What Do I Sell Now"?How To Find The Perfect Money-Making Auction Product is located at: (


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