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How to Generate Streams of Lifetime Internet Cash Flow

By Richard Alcebar
Posted Thursday, December 9, 2004

This is how to Generate Lifetime of Internet Cash Flow... Apply this to your business and It's very basic as you might think of... You know this Secret is worth Thousand Bucks, since you are die-hard to this Newsletter you are worth to the Publisher like that.

So, here we go...

To Generate Streams of Lifetime Internet Cash Flow is To Expose your Products or Offers to Massive Amounts of Potential Buyers and Customers in Consistent Manner.

The First Most Important Thing than Marketing your Product is Your Good Sales Copy or Good Sales Letter for your offer.

Now, let's concentrate on the Second Most Important Thing For Your Internet Business Success - that is Marketing.

I will not talk about what kind of Marketing Medium you will be using. There are plenty of books for that matter.

Just in case you have no idea, I will summarize below the Types of Marketing that you can use:

- Affiliate Promotion - Article Submission - Banner Ad - Classified Ads - Discussion Board - Ezine Promotion - FFA/Safelist - Magazine/Newspaper Ad - Message Board - Press Releases - Post Card Mailing - Popup/Popunder - Post-It - Radio ad - Search Engine Listing - Safe List - Start Page Traffic - Traffic Exchanges - TV Ad - Testimonial (This is usually use by Gurus) - Word-of-mouth - & Others you could imagine...

Now, this is how to Generate Lifetime of Internet Cash Flow:

If you can Get Massive Potential Buyers and Customers by using any of the above types of Marketing your Product, then this is what you are going to do:

1. Increase the Number of Offers to that Potential Buyers and Customers, instead of selling them only your Products, you can sell them Back-end Affiliate Products.

2. Increase the Price of your Product by Repackaging or Improving its value then Offer them to your Potential Buyers and Customers.

3. Be Consistent, do the Marketing again to increase the number of your Potential Buyers and Customers then follow Steps 1 to 3 again.

My fingers are so tired! I'm tired typing the Math.

Just do the Math for yourself for the techniques above and compute how much your Total Sales if you increase the Number of your Potential Buyers and Customers, the Number of Offers, and the Price of your Product.

I'm sure you got the Big Picture!

About the Author
Richard Alcebar has Degrees in Accounting & Computer Science, author, publisher, & copywriter. Subscribe to his Newsletter at ( while it's free and Learn How to Start & Market an Online Business Without Paying a Dime on Everything & Privy to the Secrets of Internet Marketing Gurus.


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