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How To Make MORE Money After Your Auction Is Over!

By Karol Gajda
Posted Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Here's the scenario: You just sold a widget for $15.78. It cost you $8. Not too bad a profit, huh? But wouldn't you like to at least try to make a little bit more?

If your auction business is running on very tight margins, then even getting an extra 10 cents per auction could do wonders for you, am I right?

One of the ways to add a bit of cha-ching to your auction business (the other ways will be written about in the future) is the following:

In my end of auction e-mail I include an affiliate link to a Web site, or to one of my own Web sites.

What do I mean?

Well, let's say it was me who just sold the $15.78 widget.

After the auction is over I send the winning bidder an e-mail congratulating him or her on their win and explaining to them how to proceed with payment.

But right in the middle of the e-mail I include a little money maker that looks like this:

Looking for products to sell on eBay?! Look no further than the Drop Ship Source Directory. Find thousands upon thousands of awesome products...and you don't have to pay for them until you make a sale!Click here for more information: (

See how easy that was?

Now if somebody purchases a membership to the Drop Ship Source Directory I get paid without barely having to do a thing!

*Side note: The Drop Ship Source Directory is an awesome affiliate program to join, and it's free. You make over $17 per sale! And you also get paid for sales your affiliates make.

My recommendation is to pick 1 affiliate program and stick with it for a few months. If it's not working out for you, choose another. If that one's not working, choose another, and so on.

*Free Auction Profits has a great 50% affiliate program at ( hint, hint :)

Where do you find these affiliate programs to join?

My favorite are:
eBooks from (

Drop Ship Source Directory: (

Commission Junction: (

These are all free to join, and there's tons of money to be made with them. I'll share more of my favorite affiliate programs in the future. For now, this should be enough for you to experiment with.

One last recommendation I have on affiliate programs: I don't promote anything I haven't purchased and benefited from myself. You might want to do the same so you know you're promoting a quality product.

Until next time,

Karol Gajda

About the Author
Karol Gajda is an eBay fanatic. His eBook Free Auction Profits, which is available at (, shows simple ways to obtain free merchandise to sell on eBay. To subscribe to his newsletter "Auction Profits" send a blank e-mail to:


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