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How To Use Content Sites To A Writer's Advantage

By L. C. Peterson
Posted Friday, December 3, 2004

The Web is as a fantastic source of information. Many companies have created content sites pertaining to topics of interest to their customer group. Sites exist to help mothers, gamers, investors, teens, and so forth. Content sites contain articles, reviews, products, and services for their customers. These sites are a great way for a writer to publicize his or her knowledge and skills. This article includes tips on using these sites to your advantage without losing your rights.

1. Just as a writer should read the writer's guidelines for offline publications, do the same before using a content site. Rights accepted vary greatly. Examples of rights expected include everything from non-exclusive online rights to exclusive rights.

2. Read the EULA (End User Licensing Agreement). Also be sure to read the privacy policy (what the site does with online data collection of your personal and non-personal info). These are two separate policies. Check to see if both are listed.

3. Web site owners usually aren't writers and often hate to write. E-zine editors also look at content directories for writers. If you have posted an article on a particular subject of interest they can contact you directly for more. Some sites list help wanted information in the "about us" section or site map. Be sure to look there.

4. Each article posted should include what is called a resource box, similar to the bio line included in offline articles. The link you provide brings new visitors to your site and will increase the ranking of your web site. Remember, to get more work people must know of your existence and expertise.

5. A good e-book showing how to take advantage of content writing is Ezine Writer. (

6. A tip on email addresses. Remember to create a special email address to use when submitting your articles. You want to keep your business email separate from your personal email.

7. Want more help in making a name for yourself? Try Ezine Announcer. ( Download the trial version to test it if you aren't sure. This programs lists content sites by topic, saving your lots of time so you can concentrate on writing.

About the Author
Peterson writes in a variety of fields from freelance writing and marketing, family issues, home office topics, software/computer choices, web site success tips, family issues, and online research resources. Peterson has a M.ED. in Education and works as a small business consultant.


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