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How You Can Make Writing Free Articles Pay Off!

By Jeff Smith
Posted Friday, December 10, 2004

You can steal 1000's of dollars of free publicity by spending 30-minutes writing an article. Here's the magic formula for getting your articles published fast! Everywhere you look, you're being told to write articles to get free publicity for your online business.

Does it really work?

What do you write about?

How do you submit your aticles? More important, how do you get them published?

Using articles as a marketing approach does work. You can convert more sales, generate significant traffic, increase your search engine ranking and "brand" yourself an expert just by writing one or two articles every month.

I recently wrote an article called "How To Make Pay Per Click Advertising Payoff" for a past newsletter edition, you can see it right here:


So far, this article has been included in over 25 publications, exposed to over 1 Million subscribers, and has been responsible for significant sales - all for 30-minutes of work.

I'm not a professional writer, not an "expert" on search engines, and I did absolutely NO research for this article.

So how did I write it and why was it so successful?

Here are some of the reasons...

1. The article topic is in high-demand. Not only is internet marketing a hot topic, but Pay-Per-Click search engines are still a mystery to most people. More importantly, online marketers stand to lose significant money if they don't have "insider" tips on maximizing their return on investment. Try and write to a) save people money, b) make people money, c) motivate people, or d) entertain people. These are all strong motivators and ezine publishers know it.

2. Base your content on personal experience. Here's a simple, yet highly effective formula for writing powerful, high-impact articles that publishers are looking for. Take action, try something and write about why it worked, or didn't work. There are thousands of articles submitted everyday, but only a select few are based on personal experience, and that's what the major publishers are looking for.

3. Start your article with a strong benefit statement and then give your readers steps to realize that benefit. You know what your readers want, tell them what you've learned, through personal experience, to help them get there.

4. Make your title a "Hypnotic" headline. Using a play on words, the goal I had in mind writing the title was to reverse the conception that you can sink allot of money into PPC into making PPC pay YOU instead.

5. Make sure you get word out about your article. Generate your own highly targeted ezine publishers list from a service like this one...


You should also submit to some of the better known article directories. They do work, my latest article was picked up by an ezine with over 500,000 subcribers off of these directories.

Some of the best directories I've found are...

( ( ( (

6. Have a signature box that sings! I've seen so many people spend hours writing an article, and then 2-minutes writing their signature following the article. It should be the other way around. Your signature is what will get people back to your website, the main reason for you writing the article in the first place.

Finally, make sure you track progress of your articles. Key your resource box links using your own affiliate tracking program or ad tracking program to make sure you know what's working and what's not.

Get ready, Get Set, Now Go! Start making money from writing articles today.

About the Author
Jeff Smith has over 8-years experience developing hot selling information products for small businesses and individuals just like you. See his new Information Product Secrets Guidebook at: (


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