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I Don't Know You

By Sharifah Hardie
Posted Thursday, December 23, 2004

Letter from a customer's point of view on what is wanted from a web site.
Dear Webmaster:

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I want to hear more from you. As your customer I don't know who you are. Why should I? How could I? You have not told me who you are. Yes, I have seen your web site. It was nice. I think if memory serves me correctly.

Do you drop me a line every now and then and let me know about your new products? Do you tell me when you're having a sale? I love to save money and yes discounts are my friend! You have such a great name; I thought it was cute the very first time I saw it. Then after a while I just forgot all about it. I forgot all about you. After all there wasn't anything to remind me of you. Your site caught my attention and I would have bookmarked it but you didn’t tell me to. Oh well maybe next time.

I'm kind of slow at times. It takes me a while to remember the name of that site where I saw all of those great products. I know if I saw it again I would say, "Ah hah, that's it. That's where I saw that new toy I just have to have!" Drop me a line! Keep me updated. The marketing powers that be say, "A customer must see your product at least eight times before they decide to buy." Why did you expect me to buy after just one time? Did you think I was any different?

Oh and let me tell you about your competition. I just happened to find their website. It looked something like your web site; it had the EXACT same products as your web site and even the same prices as your website. How do I know? I compared them of course.

I joined your newsletter and I joined their newsletter which promised me updates, savings and new information. However, immediately after joining their newsletter I received a wonderful email that made me feel valued and important. Now here was the clincher it also told me because I am now a valued member of their website I am entitled to receive a certain discount off their products. Whoopee!! They’ve got a customer for life!

Let me tell you what I really love:

Feeling valued and important Receiving useful information Saving money Exciting fun contests and games

I just wanted to let you know what I love. I don’t want you losing any more customers on account of not providing your customers exactly what they want.


Joe Customer

About the Author
Sharifah A. Hardie Owner, Marketing Specialist, Home-Based Business Owner CritiqueMySite (


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