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It's Already 10a.m. - Why Aren't I A Millionaire Yet??

By Dan Reinhold
Posted Friday, November 12, 2004

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Greetings and salutations from my posh, elegant home office suite. Here I sit before my state-of-the-art computer that responds to my facial expressions and translates them into my innermost thoughts on my huge hand-carved genuine Egyptian mahoghany desk (all the more valuable because it's grown in a Cairo apartment). My prizewinning Russian wolfhound Sasha lies sleeping at my feet. While she slumbers, she sometimes emits a soft voof. (She woofs with an accent, therefore...voof.) All is serene and peaceful as I effortlessly complete my few simple tasks that provide this opulent lifestyle. (Oh dear...spilled caviar on my Gucci slippers...don't you hate when that happens??)

Yeah, right.

Actually, my not-so-souped-up computer sits atop an old folding table while my six month old beagle puppy bays excitedly as he plays tag with the cat. (Bays? That sounds like a horse with a speech impediment. Barroos is more like it) The caviar is really jelly, and my feet would go into shock if they were ever in Gucci anything.

So it's not the high life, but it IS my life.

Once you're online, everything screams instant and incredible success. Lately I've seen ads with the headline, "Retire in 12 to 18 months". All you need to do is cram an entire worklife into that time frame and then the grave.

Get rich NOW...Make money NOW...But the real question has to be: What do YOU want?

I'm sorry to say I'm not rich (sometimes sorrier than others), but the lifestyle I'm constantly developing more than makes up for it.

Besides, I can't retire in 18 months. I have a Boy Scout camping trip with my son penciled in.

With two boys, a dog, a cat, a wife and a household to keep together to boot, Dan Reinhold is the editor of WAHumor to hang on to his sanity by showing how insane the work-at-home community can be. Work at home? You deserve a laugh!

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