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Make it Easier.

By Seamus Dolly
Posted Friday, December 3, 2004

It is easy for some, in their lofty positions, to ignore the trials and tribulations of the inexperienced. So simply, they forget the “wet behind the ears” state, a state where everyone begins. Once “you have it made” shouldn’t mean that you laugh all the way to the bank.

Fortunately, for the human race, and Internet Marketing, this doesn’t have to be the case. Following are some tips and tricks that anyone can do, and do cheaply.

Get a domain name for your site. Most of the time, you can bring this, and any traffic that it accrues, with you to a different hosting company. Your domain name is yours for the agreed contract duration, which can vary.

Find web hosting that is in line with your experience.What I mean by that is low cost hosting is just fine for people with certain levels of programming skills. While an HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language ) WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is excellent and cheap as a starting point, code insertion sometimes has to be done by “your hosting support”. This support is not always available with low cost hosting, so be aware of this.

Start an Ezine or on-line magazine. This is your continuous access vehicle to the public. There are at least, hundreds of good Ezine directories, where you can list yours. Find them with your favourite research tool, your search engine. The majority of Directories will give you a free listing. Such listings are also links back to your site, which are important. Do not be shy about it either. Overcome the notion that you are not good enough or that you do not have enough content to fill an interesting ezine. You see, there are article directories that offer free content, and your favourite search engine can find these for you.

So now you have a site, a domain, and an ezine. What do you need next?

Autoresponders. These are automatic mailing software. They are available with different functions. They can be set up or configured to send pre-loaded messages to your list. The idea, here, is that anyone can send an email to this software, and it will respond by automatically sending mail to that subscriber. The timing of the mail delivery can be set to suit you. It’s beauty is that you could be asleep or half way across the world, and your mail delivery is automatic.

Traffic through linking strategies. Traffic can be bought, like with P.PC.’s or Pay Per Click search engines. If you have the highest bid on a particular search term, its’ traffic will be delivered to you. Traffic can also come from regular search engines, if they feel that your site is relevant to the search term. While it can be complicated with search engines having different and variable algorithms or rules, it is a great way to get traffic. Traffic through Linking Strategies will increase your chances of traffic and where these are links to good sites, then your efforts should be rewarded. Ask webmasters of sites that are similar to yours for a reciprocal link. This simply means that you put a link to their site, on your one, and they put one on theirs, back to you.

Write articles within the theme of your site. If it is about websites, then write about it. You submit these to Article Directories, as mentioned above, and others can use them on their sites. This is free except for your time. Some people will use this “free traffic” strategy, and this alone, to get what they need. You see, at the end of your article you will have the choice to add a resource box. This box contains a short biography about you, and your site address. It can be considered to be a linking strategy and traffic generator, combined, as people visiting other sites can simply click on your link, and arrive at your site. FREE.

About the Author
Seamus Dolly is at ( His background is in engineering and analogue electronics. His studies include A+ and iNet+.


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