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By Noel Peebles
Posted Tuesday, November 30, 2004

1. Resentment And Anger

“Resentment and unexpressed anger don’t usually hurt anyone except the person feeling resentful and angry. Don’t suffer this burden – it is totally unproductive. Feel it and perhaps express it (constructively) and then get on with things.”

2. Marketing

“Develop a 'oneness' for your market. Identify the frustrations. Satisfy the most urgent, most emotive, most ardent needs, wants and desires of your market. Do that and you’ll get more than your share of business.”

3. Life

“In essence, it's what you do with your life that counts. Trouble is; some people spend their days focusing on past events. Others focus their energies on day-to-day survival and security. However, life today is more about growing and evolution as a human being... about learning, living, and experiencing.”

4. Circumstances

“What's stopping you from living the life of your dreams? Is it your circumstances or is it what you choose to believe about those circumstances and your ability to change them?”

5. Blame

“Many people fail to make a determined move to fulfill their dreams and desires. These people often consider themselves to be unlucky and blame anyone and anything else for their lack of good fortune and success.”

6. Circumstances

“Present circumstances should never rule our lives. We need to look for the circumstances we want. If we can't find them, we should create them.”

7. Satisfaction

“Will we ever be satisfied? Should we ever be satisfied? It seems when we have more, we want more. Maybe it's just that we don't know how lucky we are?”

8. Fear

“We have all suffered from it - that human emotion called 'fear'. It may be fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making a decision, fear of change, or even the fear of what people might think. Fear is infectious and will kill any opportunity...if we let it!”

9. Responsibility

“In many situations we create circumstances that result in either favorable or unfavorable outcomes. We can make choices, so we must accept responsibility for our plight in life”

10. Hope/Determination

“It doesn't matter whether the spark of hope within you is large or small. The right thoughts coupled with the appropriate action, every single day, will ignite that desire into a blazing inferno of determination.”

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About the Author
Noel Peebles runs his own direct marketing and internet company, supplying marketing and management solutions for small businesses.


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