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Not 10...Not 6...Not 3...ONLY TWO.Two secrets to online success.

By Radhika Venkata
Posted Monday, November 29, 2004

There are lot more tips to tell you how to aceive success online. Has anybody told you these TWO? Everybody says 'follow these steps to acheive success' or 'secrets2success with one time fee' or something like this. They will give you a long list of steps or secrets...what ever you like to call them.

Have you write down that long list of strategies on a paper anytime?

Like Number 1 strategy for success... Number 2 strategy for success... Number 3 strategy for success...

If there is any chance you wrote them down on a paper, go now and revise them. Or try to memorize them.

I bet you would see the TWO secrets that I am going to tell you now in that list. Only thing is You don't know how important they are.

After my 2 years of online presence I found these TWO secrets (rather well known secrets) are most important for a business to thrive and establish.

***Number 1 blast away secret:***

"Sell a product which has Demand."

Have you heard of that? Sure you are. But people give least important to this.

Your product has demand in the market? Selling a product that has high conversion rate is profitable than a less marketable product.

Look around you for such product. Check the bulletin boards, participate in discussions, search affiliate products etc. Read the threads in the bulletin boards and look what problems they are facing.

Get to know what people are searching for. ( ( ( (

If you already own a product, then check these again:

*People really gonna need your product? *What search terms they are using to find out your product or related products? *How your competitors making money? *Is your product like products available freely on the web?

If you are not satisfied with any of the criteria about your product, try to improve it or change your product.

***Number 2 blast away secret***

"Advertise Every day, if possible every hour and Minute"

Don't think, I am crazy. If you don't spend atleast 70% of your alloted time what ever it is, you don't reach your niche in your target market.

There are so many advertising methods: free or paid.

You don't have to go with paid advertising everytime. There is lot of space for free advertising too.

Some of the methods of advertising:

*Search engine optimization and submission
*Pay per click engines *Ezine advertising (Free or paid) (
*Write ezine articles and submit them to ezines and content sites
*Exchanging links with other websites
*Offline methods like business cards,pamplets etc.
*Building your opt-in list

Most important thing is 'Constant Advertsing'. One time keeping of an ezine ad and expecting lot of sales is not going to happen. Average of three for a click thru and average of seven exposures for a purchase will be necessary. So try to stick on to the same method for few days to see your ROI.

A good product with enough advertising will become a constant source of income for you.

Lastly I want to make a comment on affiliate programs. People join in half a dozen affiliate programms and keep dozens of banners on their webpages. They will expect sales through this method. It's never going to happen this way.

If you want a success in affiliate programms, stick to few of them which come close to your interest and promote them as if they are your own products.

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