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Planning To Get Rich With Your Internet Business?

By Michel Richer
Posted Friday, December 17, 2004

The web is a great opportunities. Imagine millions of customer. Its a huge cybermarket ! It's a trillion millions dollars market waiting for you !

Let's face it everyone wants to succeed with their internet business ? I have been in business since 1995 ive spend thousand upon thousand of hours on the web searching for the ultimate web business. Not counting the thousand hours spent on reading and experimenting those offer.

Let's talk face to face there is no easy way to succeed. Talk to people who succeed like the Walton of wal-mart or other like Donald Trump. They will tell you that it takes determination and a good ideas. You have to be a man of action to really succeed.

Like i said there is no easy road. But of course you can succeed like me. You have to be persistant. You have to build your business brick by brick. One step at a time. You start at the base of the ladder first. Everyone who as succeeded in life have start at the base. Thats a fact of life. Like the man you are today start as a baby.

Is your business still in its infancy ? Your business is gonna grow day by day. It takes approximatively 5 years to grow a business.

Like an infant you have to learn and experiment every day and be persistent. Don't do like me and buy every ebbook and books on the web from unknow author who sells you books for 97$ .Thats crazy. Buy real books in library or at or at my site (

Like any business a web business is the same. But of course its a global market you can reach easily millions of people.

To reach those people you have to distinguish yourself. You have to be professionnal.
1. You need a real domain name. (keep your name as short and simple as possible).
2. You need a real email. Your email have to be the same as you domain name. Ex: ( my email is
3.You have to advertise like in google adwords and put yourself in good position in search engine.
4.Have a good product and affiliate program.
5.Be honest and honest again
6.Become an expert in your field.
7.Have a good business plan.
8.Keep asking yourself everyday how you can do better and better.
9.Think of your sucess and the success of other.
10.Have small goal everyday. The small goal become big goal.

Everyone want to succeed but not everyone will. The difference between your success and you non success is your belief and commitment to truly succeed. Are you a real business man or just a daydreamer ?

About the Author
Michel Richer is the business manager and webmaster of He is dedicated to helping you succeed on the Internet. With over 10 years experience in internet business and a solid reputation in the industry. You can take a look at his website at: (


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