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Safelists Extreme Marketing

By Michael Wagner
Posted Monday, November 15, 2004

If you have never had the opportunity to use a safelist, or maybe had the opportunity but never acted. You may be making the biggest mistake of your Internet marketing career.

Safelists enable you to reach out to millions of targeted prospects at the click of a button. They are SPAM FREE, which means that you do not have to worry about losing your ISP or autoresponder. People that are on a safelist have already inquired about your topic and opted to receive more information.

They are literally waiting for more information.

A Safelist is a group of people with a mutual interest in which subscribers exchange information. When an article is submitted to a safelist it is distributed to all of its members.

You need to make sure it is a quality list, by doing a little homework. The ones listed below are the ones that I personally recommend.

The participant is required to supply a valid email address prior to submitting. This assures that you are not going to be getting spam complaints and thus losing your credibility with your ISP service.

You do not use your personal email account. The safelist has its own server, so in the unlikelyhood that there is a complaint it would be targeted at that safelist and not you.

The main benefit of a safelist is that they are highly affordable. Just imagine one-click and you just emailed 10,000,000 recipients. Granted probably about half will never read your email, but if you can create a killer subject line, your response rate will be significant. One mailing can boost your website traffic dramatically.

The people that join safelists are targeted prospects. They have also paid to be involved. Think about it for a second, PPC search engines are nothing compared to these. With a PPC, half of the click throughs are not even interested in your proposition, most of the time just FREESEEKERS looking for a handout. These are real people that are looking to succeed in business! These are the people you want to be involved into your business!

My main source of leads comes through traffic oasis and my number two source is from a safelist. It is a proven marketing strategy to use one! Their is no better way to get targeted traffic to your website than these two methods.

I purchase as many leads through Traffic Oasis as I can each month and the rest of my time either writing letters or articles to send to safelists. I guess you could say it is one of my favorite past times:)

Effective marketing is a must!!

Your first step is to set up a special email account, that is only going to be used for your safelist! This is because you are now a recipient of other peoples emails as well. This is a requirement within any safelist.

Your best bet is to create a new account on your current ISP as their are no storage limitations, as a second source I would recommend a free account on either yahoo or hotmail. Both your ISP account and the free accounts are going to get tons of email so be sure to empty them every day. Because the free accounts have limitations on storage, it is vital that they get emptied on a daily basis.

Every day you must send mail. Most people have the misconception that they send one email and that does it. These people are wasting their time. You must send out an email at least every other day to get results from a safelist. Even if it is the same letter, it may catch a different eye each time! You must join many safelists, no not at once, but maybe join one per month. The more mailings you can send, the better the results! This makes sense, does it not? Many successful marketers today, spend up to four hours a day just emailing through safelists! Why? because they work.

Make your ad short and to the point, we as marketers ourselves are not going to want to read through a long sales letter, would you? Provide as many benefits as you can in your letter. Here is a sample of a letter that I have used and it has done very well, because it is a product that will help them with their product!


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You can do this also, it is simple! Get out a piece of paper, I don't see the piece of paper in your hand yet:)

Good, now go to your site and make a list of every benefit that your product has! Now, WRITE your ad using those benefits and include a link to your site. Yes, it's that simple! This does not take a rocket scientists knowledge to accomplish. Try it out, and don't worry about the details, you can clean the mess up later.

One of the most important aspects of safelist marketing is the subject line! This is the only thing that will get the reader to open the email.

Your subject must create the desire to want to open that mail!

Think about it, I know you have seen an email and just had to open it because of the subject line. Start writing these down in a book, but do not mislead the reader. The new spam law requires that the subject relates to the content! Your contact info such as email and physical address must be included!

You must test subject lines daily and change them often. Remember Joe that deleted your mail yesterday, might be interested in tomorrow's subject line. Get a list of about 50 or so. This will take time, but will be well worth it!


If your subject line is not up to speed, it does not matter how great your sales letter is, because nobody will ever see it!

If you paid attention and use the below recommended safelists, you will have a very successful campaign! I guarantee it! HAPPY SUBMITTING:)

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Here are some recommended safelist software links:

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