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The Benefits of Ryze

By Kara Kelso
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Thousands of people are flocking to Ryze, but what's the fuss about? Ryze holds a world of opportunity for those in business, and even those not in busines.

What is Ryze? Ryze is a networking community, similar to message boards or Yahoo Groups. Although imagine for a minute that all those groups and boards were rolled up into one site and you had a person page all about you. This concept IS Ryze. The personal page eliminates the need for signatures in messages, due to a clickable link leading to your personal page.

Your first step when joining Ryze is creating your personal page. Here are a few tips for creating your home page:

~ Pictures are a must, even if they are just your business logo. Personal pages with pictures get much more attention.

~ Information about your business - why it was started, what your goals behind the business are, specials, and a subscription box in you have a newsletter

~ Personal information - pictures of your family, what you like to do in your spare time, informaton on your hobbies and interests.

~ Set up your email, address, home phone, and any other information you would like to give people on an individual basis. This can be done by clicking on "Edit personal info" (Link on the left hand side), then choosing "Contact Info for release to others".

After your home page is set up, it's time to join a message board (called "networks" on Ryze. Start slow by only joining one or two, and be sure they are of interest to you. Read the rules of the board and read through a few posts to get a "feel" of the board before joining. There are two purposes of a network that are similar to regular groups and message boards:

1. Meet new people ~ This does not mean finding people to advertise to. A person you meet can do several different things:

- Become a customer
- Introduce you to another customer
- Open up other networking opportunities
- Become a partner
- Become a friend

You can get to know those you meet on networks a step further by visiting their home pages (just like the one you set up) and signing their guest book. From their home page you can view their site and any other information they have, along with the other networks they are members of and their list of friend. If you should add them as a friend, their name will show up on your home page as a friend of yours.

2. Share Ideas/Get Opinions ~ Key word here being SHARE. Asking for ideas and opinions is good, but giving them is more important. Be sure you are giving back to the community.

The opportunities are endless on Ryze. Aside from finding others on networks, you can visit home pages of people your friends have added as a friend. Pay close attention to an individual's "Want" and "Have" located at the top of their page. Also be sure to visit their web sites for possible link exchanges.

You can sign up to Ryze simply by visiting: (

About the Author
Kara Kelso, busy mother of 2, is the owner of Mom's Market, which is an online mall for busy moms. Subscribe to Mom's Market Ezine to have your site listed for free. Visit: (


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