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The Big Internet Lie!

By Steve Browne
Posted Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Would you ever consider eating a big thick juicy steak if you knew it came from a fat bloated decaying dead cow?

Well friends, that's exactly what you and I are being served every day on the Internet.

Fat, stinky, bloated dead cow business opportunities (scams) that reek of foul smelling lies, exaggeration and destructive hype!

Anyone that has gone online searching for home-based business ideas knows the unmistakable odor.

It's becoming more and more repulsive all the time and it's pervasive on the Internet. You see it everywhere.

"Make a million by Monday!"

"Five figure income guaranteed working only 2 hours a week"

"$25,000 a month from the dining table with no previous experience"

"Get your own virtual money printing machine that never sleeps"

"I went from the homeless shelter to Beverly Hills in three weeks!"

"The secret recipe I stumbled upon that shot $569,327.42 into my checking account last month alone!"

G-I-V-E M-E A B-R-E-A-K !!

You know what I am talking about. You've seen all the come-ons for money making products, MLMs, wealth building courses and seminars, automatic pilot home businesses, super affiliate programs, etc. that supposedly anyone can start and profit wildly from immediately.

Good copywriters make these dead cows look so enticing.

I know . . . over the past seven years I've purchased more than my share of seemingly exciting work-at-home systems and products only to recognize them for what they are later as the stench became more obvious when the promised wealth didn't materialize.

I hope you already know what I have come to learn, the hard way. Internet biz-opp hype is relentless.

It's based on a very destructive lie that's being spread all over the web. It's destructive because if you believe it, you will positively destroy your dreams, your ambition, and your drive to become successful at Internet business.

Here is THE BIG INTERNET LIE boiled down to its bare bones ugliness:

"Anyone can become wealthy on the Internet, quickly and with little effort, by simply purchasing a product or system and following what you are told to do." You’ve heard it many times, haven’t you?

That's the lie. Don't you believe it.

Over, and over, and over again you will see ads, and ebooks, and web sites, and banners proclaiming the ease of quick and certain Internet wealth just waiting for anyone willing to buy it (as in, "purchase our product - it's all you need!").

This lie is sucking the life and spirit out of aspiring and hopeful business creators right and left.

The lie is emptying wallets and purses and wasting months, even years, of time and effort from the lives of hard working folks around the globe.

For your sake: Don't listen to or believe anyone, regardless of the claims, that tells you Internet business is easy, always profitable (because of a particular product or system), or that suggests wealth is just around the corner for anyone and everyone that "purchases before midnight tonight."

How can anyone make such ridiculous claims? They lie! It's an ugly truth - but let's call it exactly what it is. It's a big fat lie!

No one can guarantee, or even truthfully suggest, that someone they don't know will become wealthy following a system, or buying a product, or joining an affiliate program.

The Internet landscape is littered with these business opportunity carcasses, bloated dead cows that never had a chance to come to life in the first place.

Understand me here: there have been very rare and astute individuals that have found a business niche online that has given them wealth, extreme wealth by most standards; but these cases are the exceptions!

These special folks have been pioneers; they have sacrificed, struggled, and endured to learn what works for them. The chance of John or Jane Doe quickly accomplishing what these talented people have done is about the same as you or I winning the lottery.

Why do all these dead and decaying business opportunities fail for the vast majority of all of us? They are models destined to fail from Day One.

·They are designed to make money for their creator, first and foremost. He makes his money on every new customer that he sells his system to. But if you fail to make money, it's never the system. It's your fault. He doesn't care about you.

·They don't take into account the owner's knowledge, skills, or experience. You are trying to sell something in which you have no real interest, background, experience or passion.

·They are based on a replicated cookie cutter product that forces a "one size fits all" model on each owner.

·The market for the product or service, if there ever was one, quickly becomes saturated. Product owners claim otherwise saying there are always new interested consumers coming online that will buy a product. That's pure baloney.

·Most of these opportunities are developed by untrained and unskilled business minds. You end up buying an emotionally attractive sales pitch, but the product behind it stinks.

·The majority of wealth seekers will be unwilling to follow through and persist at their own business. Excuse the frankness, but most ebooks are never read, most courses are never completed, most ideas and products are forgotten within a week.

·Timing, consumer interest, and market acceptance are extremely important to any business but are very difficult to nail down.

·When the promises of wealth fail, the will to persist wanes.

·Dead cows stink! Over time the odor becomes unbearable! If a particular system really produced quick wealth through minimal effort for everyone, why do 95% of all the cookie cutter owners give up, never making a decent profit?

·Profitable small business creation, on the Internet or otherwise, has a very dismal track record. Historically, in the U.S., only 1-in-5 small businesses is around after 2 years. Of those that survive, only 1-in-5 is still going at 5 years. Those aren’t good odds.

Enough of "The Big Internet Lie." You've seen it everywhere.

Don't waste any more time, or thought, or money believing it!

Is there any realistic, sensible way to create and profit from a home-based business on the Internet?

I will tell you, emphatically, "Yes there is." But it has nothing to do with a cookie cutter approach.

It is built upon both tried and tested Internet and brick and mortar small business principles.

First of all, there are no guarantees. Period.

Your own knowledge, skill, and ability to implement and adapt your business to what works will be extremely important.

Some will have what it takes to become successful; others will not.

What I can help you with is a method of creating a quickly profitable second income business that does require some work and will definitely not make you rich overnight.

Even though I believe anyone can do this, it will not work for everyone . . . not because the model is flawed; in fact, the model is the exact same one used by many of the extremely successful Internet business pioneers mentioned earlier . . . it will not work for some because they will be unwilling to persist, to endure through the early lean times that every business experiences as the owner learns what works and what doesn't.

The model is not a cookie cutter approach, but it is as close to "perfect" for those that "get it" as there is.

Now here's the best part: I will show you exactly what this perfect business is, how to set it up, how to run it, and how to make it successful based upon your own passion and ideas, and you can begin today and make a profit today without cost!

That's right, I am going to give you the secrets of "the perfect business" and you owe me nothing! There is no dead cow here. No hype! No lies! There is no smell, no carcass, no lingering foul odor.

I will show you exactly what to do, provide the professional resources necessary to give you the best chance of success, and coach you along the way. If you’ll stick with me, you should enjoy the reward of beginning your own business that you can grow and cultivate over time.

You will decide the subject of the business you want to create, you will put forth the effort to make it happen, and you alone will receive the monetary reward your effort deserves!

I will give you direction; you will walk the walk!

You can saunter, jog, or sprint. The effort you give will determine the level of wealth you receive . . . it has always been so, and will continue to be so.

If you can't accept these terms, if you are not willing to put forth effort, I can assure you a failed business.

You needn't go any further.

On the other hand, if you are willing to continue, if you really are serious about changing your lifestyle and your income, if you have what it takes to persist and learn, if you can't wait to take the next FREE step, let’s get going right now!

You will quickly learn that the Internet provides a very fast and cost effective business alternative to how traditional small businesses have been started and operated over the previous decades.

I believe you must take advantage of what the Internet has to offer as a tool or vehicle upon which your new small business is built.

If used properly, the Internet can propel your business idea way beyond what a brick and mortar store can offer. It's the way business needs to be operate to be successful in today's global and connected markets!

Please join us and begin profitting immediately.

( How to put cash in your checking account tonight . . . using easy to follow step-by-step instructions for regular guys and gals that want a second paycheck - not a second job!

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