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The different paid-to-read services

By Arild T
Posted Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Hi, you probably have seen lots of "Paid-To-Read" companies around, they come and go by the years. The whole idea of this is that they pay you to receive E-mail (in which they have added textlinks for their sponsors) Some of these work and some dont. Some send hundred of links you gotta click to get money,this is both boring and it takes time. These companies also have a 300$ payout limit (meaning you must earn 300$ + before they pay you) this take a lot of time and will be hard to achieve. But I have found a sponsor that got a low payout limit (30$) and that dont provide you with 100's of links to click (you receive one single mail each day) They also pay you for the mail they send to the ones you refer, and the mail they send to the ones that they refer (those your 1 level referrals refer) meaning you get paid for 2 phases down the system. Some of the "Paid-To-Read" services dont pay, these do. I myself have receive 2x 30$ checks for 3 months (it took me this long because I didnt have any referrals in the start) The whole clue is refer more people and you make more money (you should try referring people that you know will refer loads of people too since you get payed for them too). Down below I have listed some pro and cons about this company. Feel free to check it out and if you like sign up for the service at the bottom of this article, Good luck!


They have a low payout limit (30$). Others have 300$.

They dont send trash mail with glorious graphics and "offers"

They will give you money for level 1 referrals (the ones you have referred yourself)

they will also give you money for level 2 referrals! (the ones that the ones you referred has referred)

Their site are updated with realtime stats, meaning at the instant when someone signup under you you can see it on your stats page

They pay more than regular "paid-to-read" services do (combined with the low payout limit that mans quicker cash)

With their realtime stats you can also see your level 2 referrals (the ones the ppl you referred have referred)

they give you your own promotion page and tutorials on how to promote this (I chose to do it myself, with a little help from their tutorials)


2: They dont send out that much mail (about 1-5 each day) Other sites sometimes send 10 mails each day (But this are leveled by their low payout limit since you'll never reach those spam mail services minimum cash limit anyways)

1: It may take some time to see your income start raising (The time it takes for you to sign up people and them to sign up other people)

Here's the signup link: (

About the Author
Hi, im a 18 year old boy who go to the It-Academy, my interest are computers, online Business and Opportunities


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