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The lazy man guide and fast way to profit online

By Aziz Akinsola
Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2005

As you see, the first issue of the ecourse is right in front of you.

Some of the readers of the ecourse are at a very basic level, so, if you are more advanced, consider the first couple of lessons a "review". Repetition is the muther of knowledge and sometimes we have to "relearn" things that we already know but never put to good use...

Today we will make an "overview" of your plan.Consider this an "introduction" to the ecourse. So,
without further delay, let's begin, shall we? ;-)

Listen up: Right now, you want to make moneyonline, right? Right. The thing is that you want to make money NOW. You want to see your bank account "inflate" NOW. And NOT in 5 months.

Here's the plan:

1) You will need a product to sell. The product needto be a quality one and it has to have *very* healthy profit margins. This means that for every single sale,a tidy sum of money is left in YOUR pocket.

2) You will need a site that will be able toeffectively sell this product. (Good sales copy,automated order processing system that sends money to you on complete autopilot etc.)

3) You will need to bring qualified traffic to yoursite. And... you will need to do it NOW. (Remember,
you want to make money quickly!)

4) You will need to automate the process and repeat!

That's it!

You see, you don't need 100 different methods to succeed online. You need a *simple* step by step plan and you need to know the *shortcuts* to success. (Yes,there *are* shortcuts that you will be able to take advantage of immediately!)

I hear it left and right: "Starting a business is very expensive." You need to "sell out" hundreds and thousands of dollars in order to set up a profitable website.


And if my grandma had wheels she would be a skateboard!

You know what? Peple who say it's expensive to build a business may be right. It can be VERY expensive AND frustrating... IF you don't know
where to look.

Hopefully, you will learn a few good tricks in this ecourse and there will be no need for frustration or for getting a mortgage in order to set up your online business.

we will analyze how to have a *quality* product ready practically *instantly*... even if you don't have a creative bone in your body!

Be patient. I guarantee, I GUARANTEE, that you will like what you will learn by the end of this ecourse.

Thanks for reading,

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