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Time + Effort = Money?

By Karl Mills
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The amount of time and effort I put into a project is proportionate to the amount of money I'd earn. Or is it? The equation is simple enough. It says it all - doesn't it? Or does it?

Why the question mark?

In a perfect world - a simple equation like this would always work. The amount of time and effort I put into a project would be proportionate to the amount of money I'd earn.

If world = internet then I know you'll agree when I say the 'world' is far from perfect. In that world it's not uncommon to find this formula working exceedingly well or practically not at all.

How is it that some put in a minimum of time and effort and earn incredible amounts of money? Where as others putting in the same amount of time and effort or even more are getting far less or even nothing?

Many have pondered on this. Some saying right out it's an injustice! Others are trying to find the method of success. The one true surefire 'anyone can do it' method in making money on the Internet. The secret formula to making gold!

Take it from me. There is no such thing as a secret formula! There is no such thing as a 'plug-in-switch-on-hit-enter' money formula!

But there is a method! Oh Yes! Don't doubt it. I can also tell you it really works! Just take a good look at those making really big money! It's obvious that they know the method and they're using it very successfully!

Before I tell you more about how 'they' are doing it let's take a look at the 'majority' struggling to make money. Those who are putting in time + effort and are not making big money - if at all.

Those who have 'tried and failed' or those still trying but are about to 'let it go'. Those who are still struggling but are 'hanging on' determined to make it work. Or those who are just 'starting out' optimistic and full of confidence that they will in no time be up there with the 'big boys'.

The first thing they all have in common is they haven't succeeded yet. Which group do you think has the most potential to succeed?

Nope it's not the group just starting out. Although there is potential there. The keyword is 'determination'! It's the group that's determined to make it work. The power of that determination will decide! If that determination is strong enough it WILL eventually lead to success!

Determination is a deciding factor! This determination is part of the motor which is granting success to those who are achieving their goals. Please note it's PART of the motor. It is certainly a deciding factor but it's not the only one.

'Know how', knowledge is most certainly equally important. Picture a 500 pound rock! Now picture a man trying to move that rock! NO amount of determination is going to move that rock. But a long and strong piece of wood or metal pole and a smaller rock to act as a fulcrum and that man will have a lever and he WILL move that rock! That's 'know how'! That's the power of knowledge!

So we now have determination and knowledge. Great! But that can't be all? Yes you're right it's not all. There are other factors and I'll mention them shortly. You must be clear on one major point. Determination and knowledge are the 2 'legs' that will get you to your goal!

The brother of determination is persistence and his cousin is discipline. These three things are in you! You don't have to go looking for them! They can be strengthened and cultivated but without knowledge they're liable to weaken and finally wither away!

Remember the rock? Without knowledge how long would it take you to finally give up and throw in the towel?

Knowledge is the one factor that you have to look for. The one factor that is not in you! But you have the mother of knowledge in you! The strongest almost unbreakable trait of human nature! Curiosity! Use it!

Knowledge is not unreachable. This isn't the 'middle ages'! Everything you need to know is right there in front of you. Your task is to organize that search for knowledge. Those that have achieved their success have used that knowledge. It is NOT theirs to keep.

One of the most obvious but rarely used methods is to ASK! To do your own research is another option. The downside is unless you know exactly what you're looking for this is a very time consuming method.

There is so much information available that you're in real danger of getting totally confused! It'll take a lot of time to find out what's important and what's not.

A good place to start with are the forums where you'll find others there who will be able to help you. Just use your common sense and make sure you don't fall for any 'hype' or sales pitches!

You can also subscribe to good quality ezines and newsletters.

Even after acquiring enough knowledge to get you started you'll still have to go through the process of 'trial and error'. You'll have to transform your theoretical knowledge into 'hands on' practical knowledge.

That will give you experience. It's this form of knowledge that will strengthen your determination and keep your persistence up!

Remember cousin discipline? It's discipline that will help you organize your day and will keep you at it. Especially when you have to get through the tedious parts that lie ahead of you!

I find what Napoleon Hill once said sums it up nicely.

"Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blue prints of your ultimate achievements".

About the Author
Karl Mills is the owner of Successfull Rewards Home Business "In a Box" at ( Consultant Sales Rep and Trainer with over 20 years of experience. He is also publisher of the free Online Winners Newsletter featuring e-courses, articles, tips, 'pointers' and bonus ebooks.


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