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To Have Your Own Product or Not To Have Your Own Product? That is the Question!

By Denise Hall
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2004

If you've been working online very long you've probably noticed different people will give you different advice for earning money and building your business. Some will say you have to have your own product to sell. Others will claim you absolutely *don't* need your own product.

So who's right? In this case, I'd say both! I'm sure you're wondering what I mean because that doesn't seem to make any sense. How can both be right? It's simple. Think of it this way. Let's say you create innovative software to help internet marketers increase their profits by automating their businesses. You have a great product and your sales are decent.

But, what about the potential customers who visit your website but don't need your product because they don't yet have a business? They're still exploring the marketing world. Maybe they're trying to find products to sell or learn how to build an online business. Away they go! After all, they don't need software to help them with their business if they don't have a business, right? Wouldn't it make sense to offer other products to benefit them? Maybe you don't write e-books about how to market on the internet, but other people do. Why not offer some of those at your website to entice your visitors?

If they purchase an e-book today and learn how, where and what to market, don't you think they'll return to your website and order *your* software that will now help them automate their brand new business? Makes sense, doesn't it? Having your own product is great. But offering other helpful resources to your customers builds your sales even more. You'll make money from the e-book, then from your own product. Two sales to a visitor who almost left!

Offering products and resources that compliment your own products makes your website an invaluable resource for your customers. This is why so many internet marketers say you *need* multiple streams of income. There are those who swear by it. And maybe they're right.

About the Author
Denise Hall is the owner of Home Business on a Budget which specializes in tools and resources for your home business needs. Visit ( today. She just released her new e-book Get Inside the Minds of Scam Artists! to teach you how to avoid being ripped off.


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