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Upward and Onward with Ezine Income

By Stephen Bucaro
Posted Saturday, December 25, 2004

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In the introduction to the ebook Ezine Power, I reveal that publishing an ezine can be a business that provides you with a moderate income. What do I mean by "moderate" income?

You earn income by selling advertising in your ezine. Just to get a rough idea, let's say you charge about $5 per 1000 subscribers, you have 50,000 subscribers, and you publish two issues each month with eight ads in each issue. This earns you $48,000.00 per year.

That's just a rough idea. Ezines charge anywhere between free and $10 or more per 1000 subscribers for advertising. Some ezines have subscriber bases in the millions, and publish daily. You decide how much income you want by choosing the subject and the quality of your ezine.

What if you can't sell all your advertising space? You don't have to. You can join one or more affiliate programs and run your own ads in your unsold space. Then instead of earning income by selling advertising, you earn commissions on affiliate sales.

What if you don't like to write? You don't have to. There are dozens of groups that you can join that will fill your email box with fresh free content every day. But I don't recommend using this material because many other ezines will be using those same articles.

I propose you start a special interest ezine that contains links to the latest news on the web related to the subject of your ezine. The subject of your ezine could be anything from cars, cooking, or computers, to pets, investing, or travel. Everybody wants to keep up with the latest news in their field of work or interest, but most people don't have the time.

One example of this type of ezine is WUG*BYTES, ( which promotes itself as "the radar screen for Online Business and Online Professionals". As I write this, WUG*BYTES has links to the articles "Microsoft's Licensing Gamble" at Internetnews and "Gates: Slow Going for .Net" at C|NET, among others. Except, I would put more than just links. I would put a two or three sentence "leader" describing the article with each link.

Create your ezine by monitoring a list of a dozen or more web sites with subjects related to the focus of your ezine. When you find an article that would be of interest to your subscribers, put a link and a lead to that article in your ezine. Put a dozen or so links along with six or eight ads and you have "written" your ezine.

Will you start earning $48,000.00 the first day you start your ezine? No. It takes time to build a subscriber list. You should reasonably be able to achieve that income within a year or two. Then upward and onward from there!

For more details download the free ebook "Easy Steps to Creating Your Very Own Ezine" and Ezine Power - how to publish, promote and profit from your own successful ezine

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