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By Dmitry Nanev
Posted Saturday, January 8, 2005

Many of you think that the ebook is just digital information. You think that it’s no other then just book which doesn’t have any shipment costs, that it’s developing price is zero. And you thinkthat this is its purpose – zero cost?

If you were thinkig so – you were TOTALLY WRONG.

Among the above factors, the ebook is also something more. Just because it’s digital product such as software it can be modified every second via the Net. Just think about the shareware software – 99% of it has banner ads at the top which changes in a matter of seconds. What if you add some advertising to your free ebook? Not only that you’llmake traffic with it but you’ll make some profits or may be you’ll just exchange ads with other webmasters.

OK. But that’s not all about placing and changing ads in your ebook. Just think what will happen if your ebook is owned by 10 000 people. I’ll tell you what will happen – everybody will want to place an ad in your ebook so that the world will get known about him/her. That means only one thing – BIG PROFITS for you.

Now let’s see one more way of using this “refreshing strategy”. It’s very simple – update it. Yes, that’s right! Add new information, new lessons, etc. That’s how your ebook will become even more interactive. People will buy it, because they will know that will get updates, that they’ll be up-to-date!!!

The POSSIBILITIES of the ebook are COUNTLESS. Just use your imagination

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