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Why Use Our Own Judgment When Marketing Our Work At Home Business

By Montegaza Cristian
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2004

If you spend anytime you've certainly become aware of the word "Marketing Guru". This title is sometimes freely applied to those that have had some success in their own home business, making them perhaps somewhat more savvy than those just starting their own work at home business.

Most marketers will agree that the marketing of their goods and services, especially "online" is the most challenging aspect, and this is where many turn to the "Gurus" for advice and guidance. These "Gurus", or "Leaders" in the marketing field, do have much first-hand knowledge of marketing and the effective methods of marketing. They have initially tested and tried many varying methods of marketing, and many of them have become the authors of books and tutorials on marketing.

It can be important to perhaps read at least a few of the more popular marketing e-books and tutorials that are authored by the most famous of the "Marketing Gurus". Digesting at least one book or tutorial can literally get your home business "up and running" faster, especially online, than if you try and fail, try and fail, repeatedly. A good marketing e-book or tutorial, written by an established marketer (check the credentials), can definitely increase your success more quickly.

However, no "rules for marketing" can ever apply to every work at home business everywhere, and as with everything else in life, our own individual business needs and our own individual personalities and goals must be taken into account. Which means that in the end, your judgment, and your judgment alone should be the deciding factor when decisions as to marketing and the budget constraints of your business are at stake. After all, no one will ever love your home business as much as you do, nor can they ever have as much idea as to what your work at home business needs and what it doesn't.

About the Author
Montegaza Cristian is the editor of Work At Home Business Dot - A website dedicated to assist you whatever you're looking for a work at home business or need some help getting your home business started.Visit him at (


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