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Writing Hypnotic Articles

By Shahnaz Rauf
Posted Friday, December 3, 2004

A must read article- Tells you how to unlock your mind magic for extreme success

Inspire your mind to greatness then write like no one`s watching.

Yes forget the wonders of the world, forget space exploration, forget the mysteries of the deep blue sea. Tread where no sane man dares to tread. Explore the unexplored... the dark dense jungles of the human brain. Yes, your very own mind.

This is the truly unexplored realm of the inner world. That secret place where your brain takes you if you let it go. It is the supreme vault where the greatest treasures of the world are stored. It is the place where all those ingenious 1% inspirations come from...

And yet this is the one thing that each and everyone of us have. Do you have the courage to unlock yours?

For me, Search for inspiration often starts with a re-read of some of my older masterpieces, followed by a read of other authors works. Suddenly it strikes... just a glimmer in the dirt. There it was again... a glint of the sun’s rays on solid gold. I grab at it, and polish it with a ferocity. Then think about it with loving tender care...

Well until my brain rears up and rushes off on to a journey of its own. Thrashing it’s way along wild unbeaten paths, totally uncontrollable in it’s mad rush towards a destination unknown.

When you are new to the web, things can be a lot difficult. I remember the first time I posted an article through the article announce service. The first response I got was an email with a "[YAWN...]" message. Well this got me hyper-ventilating, but as one man’s trash can be another’s treasure, the same piece was soon published in a prestigious ezine with 12000 members.

Now writing is second nature, I approach it with the mental image of ‘this shall be the big one’. I already see it plastered all over the web, triggering a mad stampede of traffic to my website and shooting up my sales. This simply pushes my brain into ‘over drive’ prompting the magical alpha waves to take over...

Then I get the inspiration to ‘write like no one’s watching’. Sometimes this works so amazingly that my brain simply starts overflowing with words and bursting with ideas. My fingers cannot flow fast enough across the keyboard.

Procrastination and short term memory being my greatest enemies, I have created an articles ideas file just for such contingencies. This is where I quickly jot down a basic outline of each idea and save it. So that I can come back later and work/ research each topic, giving it the individual attention it deserves. This is how some of the greatest master pieces of the written word and works of art or Science are created. It’s only 1% inspiration and 99% hard work or perspiration.

Later when sanity returns, I cannot believe my eyes... am I really capable of such intense insights? And I fully believe myself... This is the big one.

Just like those latest computer games with myriads of stages. Completion of each stage leading on to the next one. You need to master each stage consistently until you get to pick that final lock. Here’s a sure fire way to pick your mind lock:

- Read a lot about what you want to research/write.

- Think about it.

- Take a break maybe go watch a movie.

- Next just pour your ideas down on paper/ Start writing.

- And let your brain go.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Persistence is the key. Just keep doing it with total absolute conviction. You will get there. Very soon you will find the right combination that will click the lock to the deep labyrinths of this mysterious world. And all the treasures will start pouring out... Yes, you will get your big one.

About the Author
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