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YOU Can Succeeed With an Online Business - YES YOU!

By Allan Wilson
Posted Friday, December 10, 2004

This article is a real motivator - Allan gives a little personal background to demonstrate that anyone wsith the drive and dedication can succeed with an online business. There is ONE major-ginormous-huge-big SECRET to succeeding with any online business or indeed with anything in life.

What's the secret?

Quick... tell me... let me in on it...



Yes - Please sit up and take notice now because what I'm about to tell you is the number one reason people FAIL.

It's all to do with our thinking...

Most of us - (Yes... If you think this way you are in the MAJORITY) have a mindset that teaches us to fail.

I get emails all the time which go along the lines like this...

Oh... I'd love to get involved in an online business but I'm a nobody. I'm not like you Mr Wilson who has it all. You know - your big mailing lists,your knowledge and experience - I could never do it because only people like you can get rich on the Internet..

YES - That's absolutely TRUE. ONLY people like me can get rich on the Internet.

So let's have a little bo-peep at the big successful... me.

Who am I?

What is my background?

Surely I must be well educated? Or have a great sales backgorund? Or perhaps I was this big business guru who moved to the net?

Well let's uncover these BIG secrets...

I dropped out of school before the High School Certificate (Year 10). So when I fill in a job application form and it asks for education I have to write down - NONE! (No where on the form does it even go to my level)

All my jobs have been as a labourer - NO trade - NO business background.

I STILL have a day job (and sometimes night job - as I write this I just finished a 24 hour effort as I'm also on call) - geez - I've got it pretty cushy haven't I? No wonder only people like me can get rich on the Internet.

I'm a lousy salesman. I couldn't sell cars, go door to door selling or anything like that.

I'm shy (to some degree).


Now you know what type of person it takes to get rich on the Internet.

Can you relate to this?

Hey... Maybe (compared to me) you're just too smart to succeed?

Maybe... (compared to me) you have too much ability and talent to succeed?

Do you see what I'm doing here?

I hope so!

I'm showing you that YOU *CAN* do it...

The saying really is true... If I can do it. You can do it too.

So now that I've painted myself as an absolute moron there's a few things I do have that you will need as well or you may as well give up now.

What are they?

*No1 - I WORK at it.*

Ooooooooo... that yucky 4 letter word - WORK.

When I first started, I began with NOTHING. I had to use free web hosts. I had to search the engines for days and weeks to find answers to questions.

I would read, learn, apply and EXPERIMENT.

*No2 - I have a VISION*

LONG TERM SUCCESS... You know despite my lack of education I'm not stupid. I don't expect to get rich over-night. I know that if I carefully build my business that in 5 years time I will be an overnight success!

I really want you to dwell on this for a moment.

Most people fail because they have unreal expectations. Get rid of the get rich quick mentality and look long term.

*No3 - I'm Not Scared To Try Something*

If I've got an idea then I'll slap together a website and go for it. If it fails - so what? If it works then I try to improve it.

Have a good look at life and what will you see?

Too many grandstand critics. Life is passing them by while they sit in the grandstands watching. The real winners are those who are in the arena. The players not the spectators.

And have you ever noticed how many sideline experts there are?

They criticize the players yet don't have the fortitude to play themselves.

I wasn't always this way. I was dead-set scared when I first tried things online - but by trying you succeed even when you fail...

Read that again...

By trying you succeed even when you fail!

By throwing yourself in and having a go you gain confidence. You gain experience and before too long you become like Mr Wilson who has big mailing lists, who has knowledge and experience.

At the beginning of this year I wrote my first serious ebook and called it Achieving Lift Off!! And to summerize that book was all about ONE thing...

Motivating people to get STARTED!

It is the HARDEST the thing to do. Whether starting a new diet, exercise regime,or an Internet business - no matter what it is most people fail because they don't get STARTED.

So... I hope that YOU, by reading this little 'Get Up and Go Do It Motivational' article will be one of the few who will move from the Internet marketing grandstand and onto the playing field.

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