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You Will Not Make Money Online

By Mark Doyle
Posted Monday, November 15, 2004

It is so: you will not make money online until you'll remember one simple rule. The basic rule of success online is that

If the rock is on the middle of the mountain you need to push it to start it rolling.

And you have to remember this, YES, REMEMBER.

We all know this rule, we saw & we see it everywhere. It's not the basic rule to online wealth, it is the main essential rule of successfull people.

Look at the statistics:
- 95% of all web biz fails;
- 5% of web biz is successfull.

When I remembered this rule, I look at it like this:

"It is the essence of my success".

Everything other is just tactics that change every minute, every second; nothing solid.

You know this yourself......You know this very good.

All you have to do is to REMEMBER it more often.

To your quick success,

Mark Doyle

About the Author
Mark Doyle is the author of thesuccessway>>> work at home and marketing newsletter. Work at Home and Marketing Decisions Made by Four Marketing Perfectionists for You FREE ! Subscribe FREE Now to thesuccessway>>> Newsletter ( "Bringing You Solutions, Knowledge and Opportunities"


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