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TAG, You're it! Using Keywords in Your Tags

By Janet L. Hall
Posted Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Did you know that in order to get your web page a top
ranking in some of the search engines that you MUST use
your keywords in certain TAGS?

The basic language in which most web pages are written is
HTML (HyperText Markup Language). In order to turn your
regular text into HTML you must use TAGS. Most TAGS
use a start (beginning) and end (closing) TAG.

To indicate a document is written in HTML you must start the
document with the TAG: (this is placed at the very
top of your document) and then to end your document you
place the TAG: at the very bottom of your

TIP: All start TAG elements are surrounded or enclosed by
angle brackets: < > and all end TAG elements are
surrounded by angle brackets with a forward slash

BIG TIP: NOT ALL TAGS need the ending TAG. (more on
this later).

There are many TAGS you need to include in your HEAD
TAG (which this article will be addressing), and in your web
page, in which you should include your keywords. This can
help (but doesn’t guarantee) better ratings with some search

Search engines generally consider anything near the top of
your document or within the HEAD TAG with more
relevance, so it's important to include the proper TAGS and
your keywords within those TAGS.

NOTE: META TAGS are HTML TAGS that will give the
search engines information about your web page and should
be included in the HEAD TAG also. They DO NOT have a
start and end TAG but are enclosed with angle brackets.

So after the tag, place your start HEAD TAG:

TAGS you MUST catch:

(Please note that I am presenting MY keywords in lower
case, and TAGS in upper case in examples)


These are the TAGS you use for the title of your page. The
title tag is very important so please don't use Home Page for
your title. Some web page software will generate home
page or new page for your title, YOU MUST CHANGE THIS.

On the Internet, your title appears in the blur bar across the
top of the monitor screen.

Make sure you use your keywords in your title to help ensure
a * higher * score with some of the search engines. Many
search engines will display your title and your description in
the search results when people are searching for you.

According to a report I received from, * The
#1 biggest mistake that web page designers make is leaving
out keywords from the

TIP: Each page on your web site needs to be given it’s OWN
HEAD information.

Editors NOTE: In the examples above, anything typed in
lower case should be replaced with YOUR title, YOUR
description, YOUR keywords, and YOUR author and
comment information. In the examples above the TAGS
have been typed in UPPER CASE; however, this is not
necessary when entering this information onto your web
page. All brackets and other symbols need to be typed in as
presented in the above examples.

Happy TAGGING and "OverHalling" your site!

One more TIP: Please remember the keywords you are
using MUST be reflected in the page content of the page you
are trying to improve or build.

Next time, we'll discuss using TAGS and keywords in the
body of your pages.

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