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Building Traffic With Click Exchanges

By Benjamin Choi
Posted Saturday, July 24, 2004

Click Exchanges are one of the many ways to promote your site. The concept is simple: visit other members' sites, and you, in turn, receive visits by other members to your site.

Many people ask: Are they worth the time you spend surfing? Well, my answer is yes and no. They are worth it if you make many referrals and manage to get plenty of visitors without too much surfing yourself. They are worth it if you sign up to not just one, but many of them and switch between them while waiting for the usual 30-second delay to be up. However, they are not worth it if you sign up to only one of them, do not refer anyone, and if your ISP charges 2 cents a minute. In that case, you will be paying 2 cents for each visit to your site!

My preferred technique is to sign up to many of them. Click the 'Next site' button/link on the first one, then switch to the browser window with the second one and click 'Next site'. Then, switch to the third, fourth and then fifth. By the time you return to the first site, the 30-second delay will have lapsed. You will be able to progress to the next site.

That way, you will be able to surf 10 sites in 1 minute, getting you 5 hits for 2 cents rather than just 1. (5 times the value!!!)

Of course, you might want to sign up to even more than 5 exchanges - why not 10, 20 and even 30? Also, remember to make your own referrals. The traffic will be overwhelming - just wait and see!

Here are some click exchanges I recommend:

NoMoreHits (
Comments: A pretty good click exchange, the first one I found and one of the biggest

ClickSilo (
Comments: An interesting click exchange - get 50 credits just for signing up!

ViralVisitors (
Comments: A complex, large and popular click exchange - also one of the best

UltimateTrafficSystem (
Comments: A nice click exchange network with a great referral system

StartFrenzy (
Comments: An excellent click exchange network with a short delay period and 100 bonus credits

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