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The Three R's of Selling Online

By Andy Brocklehurst
Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004

When you're selling a product online there is a simple rule set that will boost your sales. It's a principle that the best infomercials on TV use, the best direct mail uses, and you will use it too after reading this.
It's a simple rule set I call the THREE R's.

Here are the THREE R's...

1) Repetition

2) Repetition

3) Repetition

"But that's only one R repeated!" Yes it is, But give me a moment and I'll show you three ways that repetition will play a big role in generating more sales for your web business.

1) Repetition Rule One

When you have a long piece of sales copy you need to keep repeating the benefits and the offer. Think for a moment about TV infomercials. They tell you at least five times exactly what you will get, what it will do for you, and how to order it. It is this repetition that drives people to place their orders.

You are repeating the positive facts and hitting your prospects hard. As fast as they begin to get a glimmer of doubt about ordering - BANG! They are hit with the benefits again. BANG - They are shown WHAT they will get again. BANG - "This is what you simply MUST do to order".

The best marketers, in print, radio, or TV all know about REPETITION of benefits, the offer, and the action they want you to take.

2) Repetition Rule Two

With email sales letters, you MUST follow up. This is why you should have an autoresponse system. Between the period of five and seven emails you repeat offers and at the same time you build trust through the keeping in contact.

I recently purchased something that I initially requested email information about. Here's the thing though; I did not buy it until the 6th mailing.

Did the 6th mailing tell me anything different from the other five? NO. Did it make me a better offer on price or service than the five previous emails? NO.

So what was it that bought me to my knees and my credit card to my fingertips? REPETITION.

3) Repetition Rule Three

Opt in email programs. I tell everyone about the importance of having an opt in email program, also known as publishing an e-zine or email newsletter.

Whether you publish weekly as I do, monthly or just whenever there is some news to be told, these e-zines or newsletters provide you a way to REPEATEDLY keep in touch with your clients and prospects.

You can REPEAT offers at the same time as giving them helpful advice and information. This repetition also builds trust and reinforces your offers.

About the Author
Article by Andy Brocklehurst, owner/founder of Andy has a strong background in sales and marketing and these days concentrates most of his efforts into applying his methods online.