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This Piece of Software Does It All

By Jim Green
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

I make my living as a writer (hard copy niche non-fiction books and online instruction courses) and I use the internet to promote my wares. For years I searched for a piece of software that would free up my time to concentrate exclusively on writing; software that would register my domains, build my sites effortlessly, host them, locate the power keywords the search engines lap up, submit, track, and optimize my submissions on a regular basis, provide me with integral email and ezine facilities. Was it too much to hope for? It seemed that way because all I could find were pieces of kit that performed these time-consuming activities individually; no single software that did it all. Then I stumbled across exactly what I was looking for and now my productivity has quadrupled.

Can you imagine a set of electronic tools that gives you all of this?

1. Domain name registration
2. Hosting
3. Graphic tools
4. Point &Click page building
5. Blogging facility
6. Data transfer
7. Email
8. Newsletter publishing facility
9. Brainstorming &researching
10. Spam check
11. Open rate
12. Traffic stats & click analysis
13. Search engine optimization
14. Automatic search engine submission
15. Automatic search engine tracking
16. Automatic search engine ranking
17. Pay-per-click research & mass-bidding
18. 4 traffic headquarters
19. Action guide & fast track guide
20. Integrated online help
21. SBI express ezine
22. Tips & techniques
23. Customer support
24. Choice of page templates
25. FTP
26. Form builder/Autoresponder
27. Value Exchange
28. Facility for selling e-goods
29. 2-tier affiliate program
30. Charge for services facility

Now all I do in the way of daily administration is check my search engine rankings and sales statements. They’re both performing well and getting better every day: 27 No.1 spots in the major SEs and an ever increasing flow of orders on my merchant account facility.

Could you use a piece of kit that does it all?

Visit my web site, click on RESIDUAL INCOME and then activate the highlighted logo that takes you straight to this incredible product. Prepare to be amazed at what awaits you…

7 January 2004

About the Author
Jim Green is a bestselling author with a string of niche non-fiction titles to his credit including ‘Starting Your Own Business’ (How To Books ISBN 1-85703-859-2) and ‘Starting an Internet Business at Home’ (Kogan Page ISBN 0-7494-3484-8).