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Style Guide

By Vaishali Singh
Posted Friday, October 1, 2004

Once the Website Design Questionnaire and Creative Brief lands in your lap...its time to go cracking.

But, before you go ahead and drown yourself, do chalk up a Style Guide / Manual for yourself and the rest of the team members to work upon.

This Style Guide MUST include all the specifications given to you through the Creative Brief and the Design Questionnaire filled in by the client or the project leader.

This Style Guide will serve as a Bible of Design Principles... and help you to build a consistent website in terms of design, navigation and content.

A Style Guide acts as a "Rreference Look-up" even when you or your Chief designer is not around. It is a Manual of set styles and Principles to help you build with ease and without room for confusion.

So if you working in design team or leading a one, always insist on a Style Manual/Guide. Each project can have its unique style manual.

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