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Creative Brief

By Vaishali Singh
Posted Friday, October 1, 2004

Once The 3Ws of Planning a Website has been answered, you would have a clear picture about the concept and focus of the website.

But the 3Ws alone don't make a Creative brief, remember we earlier talked about a Creative Brief that provides design specifications too...

Try and squeeze in the tiniest details about the site from your client or a project leader that can help you design and build a usable website.

Prepare a Design Questionnaire, based on the following categories:

. Browser Standards
. Navigation Style
. Content (Text) Style and Layout
. Logo Specifications
. Font Standards
. Button Style
. File Formats and File Names
. Image Standards
. Animation Standards
. Banner Specifications
. Colour Standards
. Design Style
. Optimization Standards
. Rules for usage of JavaScript / DHTML / CSS / Javaapplets

Am sure you can think of some more...

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