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How To Earn A Fortune By Giving People What They Want

By Jeff Smith
Posted Friday, November 12, 2004

In 10+ years of educating myself about topics such as personal development, marketing, sales, internet marketing, product development - I've depended ALLOT on learning from others.

In that time I could literally count on my two hands the number of products that REALLY impressed me by getting right to the point and delivering as advertised.

Tens of thousands of books, seminars, workshops, newsletters,magazines...

And less than 10 times I could think of where I've been "taught" what I wanted in a purely efficient and content- rich way.

How about you?

How much time have you wasted wading through the forest looking for a branch of knowledge in total frustration?

Like anything else, where there's a problem, there's an opportunity.

Understand what value your knowledge provides to your customers, deliver it quickly, and you can rake in the profits, make a massive difference in people's lives and set yourself aside from 90% of your competition.

So how do you improve the value of your products?

First, make sure you know exactly what your market wants.

90% of low performing products suffer from 2 factors - the developer doesn't understand what their customers want or they don't have enough experience in their topic to provide real value.

If you don't know the real reason why your customers badly want what you have to offer - FIND OUT NOW!

This is why I often recommend people write their sales letters, web pages, press releases BEFORE developing their products. It's the moment of truth, where the rubber meets the road, so to say.

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Second, don't rely on flash or personality alone.

I see allot of people saying that you can develop your own product, newsletter, etc.. with JUST personality.

Personality is important - it's what creates loyalty, it's how you get attention, but personality is most effective if it helps communicate what your market wants to know... you have to provide value.

Third, maintain focus.

Once you know what people want badly, then focus every aspect of your product on delivering information that will help them achieve their goals.

Be vicious with your editing. It's better to free flow your development of a product, that's ok. But when it comes time to edit your work, constantly ask yourself the question..."Will this help customer X achieve the desire that triggered their purchase of your work?"

Fourth: Less is More

Don't litter your products with extra features, extra information - consider several smaller products rather than one all encompassing product.

For instance, if you are developing infproducts, consider a 20-page Special Report, a Summary Tip Sheet, a 15-minute Interview as alternatives to a 300 page eBook with 20-pages of useful information.

Look at master marketer Joe Vitale offering highly focused eCourses for thousands of dollars - people are willing to pay big money for rich information that gets to the point.

Can you help your customer using a 20-page Special report, a 15-minute recorded interview, and a 20-minute teleconference?

Each day we've got more information to process, more products to consider.

Keeping yours simple, focused on solving high-demand wants, rich in content and easily consumable your customers will reward you with dollars and success stories.

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