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How To Lose All Credibility As A "Super Affiliate"

By Richard Glanville
Posted Monday, November 15, 2004

Hello, soon to be "Super Affiliate"

This morning I set out with the perfectly honorable intention of writing an article on "How To Quickly Research Your Prospect's Needs And Cater To Their Desires".

That will really make you wealthy and very quickly.

Now just like you, most times I have more than one window open on my computer. This time it was my e-mail program and Notepad.

I was about a quarter of the way into my article when "ka-ching", incoming e-mail. ...Secrets to... So, glance through, hit delete...back to article.

Just when I had settled in again..."Ka-ching"... "Secrets of..." Thank goodness I am blessed with incredible
patience. ...hit delete...back to article etc ad nauseum.

I decided instead to let you in on my own secret.

Here it is: "There are no secrets!"

The truth is, everything that you need to know about marketing on the internet you can have free of charge.

You just have to know where and who to ask.

Let's take for example the case of the "Super Affiliate". You would love to be this person wouldn't you? Nice fat
residual income every month, popularity, audience that wants to follow you into programs. Maybe write a best selling book "Secrets of an Affiliate Heavy Hitter".

The truth is this "Super Affiliate" would be nothing without a downline. Stands to reason. Also, if he built wide, without training his frontline, the rate of attrition would kill his business! So, the "Super Affiliate" is left with no choice but to give his downline assistance - knowledge of how he/she got to where they are. Those are the "secrets". All the affiliate has to do is ask for assistance.

Btw you are probably holding one of the best sources of information you could hope for, an ezine.

If you think about this for a second you will realise that the editor's livelihood depends on attracting and keeping faithful subscribers. This is accomplished by providing solid relevant content, useful resources and quality information. Your editor wants to help you!

So, next time you get an ad that offers you "Secrets of..." go and ask your upline or editor. Chances are they are
practicing and will tell you exactly what works.

After all, they had to be doing something right to get where they are!

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