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The "What" and "Why" of Working at Home

By Carol Dorman
Posted Wednesday, December 22, 2004

To work at home seems to be the "Dream of Our Time". For women, in particular it provides a way to combine motherhood and earning an income without sacrificing time with the family.

There are several ways to work from home so we can be with our children during the day. Two things to bear in mind when deciding to work from home are:
1. - What business do I choose?
2. - My "why" for doing it?

The first thing to consider when choosing a home business is that you must enjoy it. If you like to party then perhaps the party plan companies are worth a look. If you have a flair with makeup, there are the cosmetics companies. Nutrition and weight control, special gifts, homewares, even lingerie - the, opportunities are endless.

Do you want to work face-to-face with people or by phone? Perhaps you just want to work online; maybe a combination of these. However you choose to work, there is something for you.

The main point to consider is that whatever you choose to do - ENJOY IT! If you've decided to venture into the "home business world" take a while to really ponder just what kinds of things you enjoy and build on that. Once you get started, whether you're making a lot of money or a little, you'll find yourself reaping benefits you never expected. The skills and talents you already possess will be heightened and new strengths and abilities will be discovered. You will find yourself learning new things and gaining new skills. And if, for some reason, you ever feel a need to re-enter the workforce, those new and heightened skills will be a powerful advantage.

Equally as, if not more, important to your decision to work from home is your reason for doing it ie: your "Why". Is your "why" your young children you want to be with during the day instead of dropping them off at the day care centre? Perhaps your "why" is a different lifestyle, a money issue or a combination of many.

Whatever your "why" is it is the driving force behind what you do in your business. It is the reason you start it and the
motivation to achieve your goals.

So, to sum up, once you have thoughtfully explored WHAT business you want to work at from home and WHY you are doing it you have endless opportunities and myriads of choices at your feet. Of course, it goes without saying that due research into any business must be undertaken before a final decision is made. Even while researching a company, your skills of discernment and decision-making are being tested and honed.

When you finally know that you have found the business that's right for you there's just one more thing to do....GO FOR IT!!!! To your success ;) Cheers.

About the Author
Carol Dorman is a WAHM from Sydney, Australia and publisher of Nurture the Nurturers ezine - "the ezine for every woman, everywhere" To subscribe To request her FREE report titled: EARN $$ WHILE PROTECTING YOUR FAMILY