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How To Write An Ebook, One Article At A Time

By John Colanzi
Posted Sunday, January 9, 2005

It's amazing how long it took me to start my first ebook I didn't think of myself as an author.

I knew that information was creating a fortune for others, but who was I to think I could write a book?

I knew all the reasons to do it. The task just seemed so daunting.

I started out writing and submitting articles. It didn't seem as hard, although sometimes the words came slow.

The old story of use it or lose it is so true. Once I started getting some positive feedback, I could feel a shift in my thinking.

The more I wrote the easier it got. As my articles began to circulate the feedback began to increase.

Maybe I am a writer!

Web sites and newsletters starting picking up my articles and some ezines were publishing everything I submitted.

I started writing more articles, and they started becoming easier to write. It was an ever increasing cycle.

The ideas started coming faster. It got to the point I always had more ideas in my mind than I had time to write.

Before I knew it I had over 60 articles and my output was getting faster.

I began to realize that with a little editing to make the articles flow together, I could begin writing books.

I now had my own built in database. Now the ideas for articles are becoming ideas for books. I have tons of articles to expand into chapters and I can link them together into a quality book.

So the next time you sit down to write an article, realize you're really writing a mini book.

Once you start getting in the habit of writing articles, realize you are writing a book, one article at a time.

If this dummy can do it, I know you can!!

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