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Dream Job Crisis

By Amy Crawford
Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Americans are working, women are out of the house, so mission accomplished? No, not exactly. Seventy-five percent * of Americans are working in a field they don’t like. Not only does that mean that work quality suffers, but that quality of life plummets.

Is having a dream job really that out of reach? Well, how did you get started in your job? Were all of your questions answered when you began? Did you have a mentor? Chances are that the resources were not widely available to you. The Internet has changed all of that, and now information is at your fingertips. Still, the challenge, as you know, is finding quality information from an experienced source. Like you, Dream Jobs To has realized that and are on a mission to get quality information to every reader, so they can pursue a career that feeds their soul.

If how someone gets started as a photojournalist, a travel writer, living a life abroad, or dozens of other seemingly out-of-reach dream jobs has interested you, then it most likely has interested others. Not to mention that people love to read success stories about other people. It’s invigorating, inspirational, and motivates others to take a step toward their destiny.

And, that’s exactly where the new Dream Jobs To Go series comes in. Each book, instantly downloadable from their website, provides information on unusual, exciting, and just plain-old fun careers. The ebooks are written by “been-there-done-that” authors, who tell all on how to break into their fields. The ebooks offer interviews with other experts and include tons of related links that can be accessed immediately by the reader.

The website that supports the Dream Job books also offers a free mentor program that allows anyone to post a question to any of their authors/mentors. The site offers readers no-cost immediate access to resources that will help them gain the confidence to get started on creating a life worth living. And isn't that what it's all about?

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About the Author
Amy Crawford is a writer who specializes in career and employment topics. She runs the free Dream Job Mentors discussion group at (