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By Dr. Renate Bodden ND
Posted Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Beauty comes from within, we as women can wear all the make-up we want and yes it can make a difference as far as self esteem, enhance our features, improve the look of our skin. But if the body is not healthy due to being obese, certain organ dis-stress, the body can be out of balance in Mind-Body and Spirit. There are certain Holistic modalities that are used in my practice to bring about balance and our Wingspan Wellness Weekends, enhance the healing due to rest, relaxation,and concentration on self.

About the Author
Renate Bodden is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Reiki Master and certified Yoga Instructor. Renate resides in Houston, Texas, and is very passionate about Wellness, her Holistic Health modalities include Kinesiology,Nutrition, Bachflower Therapy, Reiki Therapeutic body Treatment and Yoga.