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How To Improve Your Voice

By Winston Saga
Posted Monday, January 31, 2005


The Image the customer has of the Salesperson is vital. In telesales the image is created through voice alone. There is no smartly dressed representative to see, no glittering product to touch and tantalize-just a voice on the other end of the phone. However good the present telephone system may be, the fact remains that the quality of the sound of the human voice is partially lost through transmission, resulting in the client misinterpreting your meaning.

To Allow speech to be heard clearly be careful with your choice of words. Use simple words. Avoid jargon and local expressions which may not be understood by your clients. Speak clearly and use correct pronunciation. Accent can give your talk a real boost as they are unique and can sound very atttractive.

Donot waffle or attack the client. Stop to breathe. Pausing is very important. Don't speak in a monotone manner not only this make you sound boring and unethusiastic but it could be mislead that your product is lacking in substance too. And a little colour to your voice. Expressions are very important. Relax when you are talking. Imagine you were talking to your friend. Your attitude is expressed by the way you talk over the phone.

Don't rush the call and use your sales techniques. Remain professional and smile. A simple smile on the salesperson's face reflects in the voice and it really works.

1. Act naturally be yourself.
2. Smile you will sound pleasant and friendly.
3. Have all the information handy.
4. Be precise and clear.
5. Be professional.
6. Give customers what they need.
7. It does cost a lot of money to make the phone ring, so make the most use of it.

Golden Rules

1. Give your name first.
2. Say 'Good Morning'.
3. Say 'Thank you' for your time.
4. Be friendly.
5. Sit straight that will give you confidence.
6. Stay focussed.
7. Control your thoughts.
8. Concentrate on what the customer is saying.
9. Talk slowly.
10. Speak clearly and if necessary spell anything that may be unclear.
11. Be confident.
12. Be professional.
13. Organise yourself.
14. Be Alert.
15. Be in charge.
16. Always be Enthusiastic.
17. Let your voice be melodies.
18. Stress words that appeal to them.
19. Be expressive.
20. Speak as though your are talking to a friend.
21. Exceed expectations.
22. Always hang the phone after the customer has done.

Helpful words and phrases

1. You, Your family
2. Thank you for waiting
3. New
4. Save
5. Proved
6. Guaranteed
7. Results
8. Easy
9. Money
10. Love
11. Safety
12. Security
13. Health
14. I promise
15. My pleasure
16. The best thing I suggest
17. Please call me if you have any questions.

Never use

1. Don't know, you are wrong, I disagree, may be that's not true.

Out going calls

1. Be prepared
2. Welcome
3. Explain the purpose of the call and check to ensure that the customer understood and agrees to proceed.
4. Talk with the Account Holder
5. Listen
6. Ask-Create Questions
7. Restate-Let Customer know that you understood. Be sure to agree on what is being asked
8. Set Expectations-Let Customer know what you can do and what you can't do. Be clear and specific
9. Explore further needs and get in agreement
10. Handle objections.
11. Handle all challenging situations.
12. Ask for a decision
13. Be direct, concise and confident
14. Summarize everything you said
15. Say Thank you
16. Follow up

About the Author
Winston Saga is one of the world's leading sales legends. He is also the CEO of Sales and Motivation International. Winston has been acknowledged as a unique and distinctive authority in the field of sales and personal development. Last year International Biography Centre selected him ''International Man of the Year'' for his outstanding contribution to sales and Service. He has written 100's of articles to magazine, journals and websites.

Visit his website ( to know more about him.


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