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4 Simple Ways to Instantly Boost Your Ezine's Readership
By Harmony Major

One of the biggest challenges in publishing an ezine is keeping your subscribers subscribed, and your readers reading. This brief article will reveal 4 simple ways to boost the readership of your ezine, and get less unsubscribe requests per issue.

1. Offer a consistent theme in each issue.

I tried it both ways -- with a main theme and without a theme -- and themed issues get a lower number of unsubscribe requests. It doesn't have to be exact, but as long as your issue features are complimentary, I've found that it will increase your readership.

For example, in a recent issues, I featured "Make Yourself a Marketing Guru in 7 Easy Steps," and "To Be a Master Marketer, Become a Lifetime Learner." Both articles complimented each other while not necessarily being on the same subject. Then, I featured resources which then complimented those two articles.

2. Feature 100% original content in every issue.

Don't panic! Remember, original content doesn't have to always mean lengthy articles. It could mean a reader poll, a tip column, a Q&A column, or just about anything else your little heart desires. Be creative, and you'll never run out of original content ideas.

3. Feature more content written by YOU.

This one is easily overlooked, but it's very important. For quite awhile, I was HUGELY busy, and didn't have time each week to write an article for my ezine. Instead, I had a variety of guest authors contributing quality articles in every issue, and none of my own. Boy, was that a mistake!

About 35-55 out of 3,000+ people used to unsubscribe on the day I sent out my ezine. But when I returned to writing my own articles for the ezine several months later, a surprising thing happened. Almost instantly, unsubscribes slowed to a trickle -- only about 15 out of OVER 5,000+ people now unsubscribe on the day the ezine comes out.

People subscribe to your ezine to get a dose of you, and editor's notes aren't always enough. Readers may easily get tired of your guest authors, no matter how good, and want more of what they've come for -- YOU.

4. Use a descriptive "In the Next Issue" teaser to conclude every issue.

One of the biggest challenges in publishing my own ezine was coming up with an original article to feature in each issue. Now I'm able to keep a consistent schedule, and I'm never scrambling for content at the last minute (unless something goes wrong unexpectedly).

The "in the next issue" teaser will help keep readers looking forward to your next issue. A lot of people subscribe to an ezine, give it one issue, and decide whether or not to stay subscribed. But if you give readers just enough detail on that next issue to spark their interest, they're more likely to remain to check it out. 80% of my readers have been with me for 165-171 days when they unsubscribe.

TIP: Never, EVER just list the title of your next issue's article -- use an enticing, interest-inducing description of it. When I switched from using a simple title to using the title AND description, my unsubscribe requests instantly decreased by about 60%.

When just given an article title, subscribers might think, "Oh, I can get similar information anywhere." But when you actually describe what they'll discover in the article, their curiosity is peaked. Here's an example of one of my recent teasers:

ARTICLE: "Does Your Ad Copy Lose Customers for You?" Is your advertising portraying you as a professional, honest, expert, or an amateurish, dishonest, low-life? You'd be surprised. Stay tuned to find out what YOUR advertising could be saying about you.

Increasing your ezine's readership isn't that difficult, but it requires creativity and a little imagination. Learn to take any common idea or marketing strategy, modify it a bit, and make it work for YOUR ezine to keep those readers reading. It works!

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